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poem- isolation moment April 21, 2020

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Small dog,

heavy on my foot.

Scent of baking muffins

wafts down the hall.

Buzzer calls at last


poem-forgiveness November 4, 2018

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This is forgiveness.

Left alone, forgotten, until you

became a dessicated husk.

Discovered, remorse poured on you,

and you rested, recovering,

absorbing all you needed to heal.

One year.

Regret poured onto you.

Two years.

Faith surrounded you.

Three years

You offered a single bloom to give us hope.

Another year.

Patience.  Trust.

This is what time and forgiveness bring:

full flowering!

Ah, the anticipation of your full celebration

makes me dizzy.




True story. Took my Christmas Cactus outside to enjoy some summer sun (2014?). Forgot it there.  Come fall, it was a wizened shell.  It’s taken years to recover, but it HAS! What a metaphor for tragedy in our lives and the patience we need with our recovery.



poem- exasperation November 15, 2016

Your desperation

leads me to exasperation

How many times do I tell you?

How many times did I tell you?

How many times will I tell you?

Too many.

Once more.

If you do it when you’re asked

Begin when assigned the task

You will not be desperate

and I will not exasperate.


poem-virtous August 12, 2016

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Men waiting outside the fabric store

young men

old men

Sitting in cars, humming to the radio

Standing with a cigarette watching traffic go by

Sitting, eyes glazed.

Leaning, napping.

These are the patient men,

the blesséd men,

who wait while colours are contemplated

drape is determined

possibilities are dreamed.

These are the rewarded later men,

who chauffeur home happy wives,

smile vacantly, and say

“Yes, dear.”

thankful their wives know nothing

about the cost of tools.


poem-waiting July 7, 2016

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Dinner is ready

Waiting on the table.

Where is he?



poem- just October 3, 2015

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She’s just looking for a bit of empathy,

a wrap around her shoulders whisper in her ear,

“It’ll be okay. It’s you and me together, babe” moment.

She’s just hoping for a show of affection,

a finger trailing up her arm shooting sparks,

a kiss held for long enough to know you mean it.

She’s just waiting for you to come back

from wherever it is you’ve been wandering,

just wishing for you,

so don’t call her unreasonable, dude.

Her disappointment is justified.


poem-elevator July 16, 2015

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I wait for the elevator.

She waits for the elevator.

They wait for the elevator.

We wait for the elevator.




for the elevator.

Rap Rap Rap, cane on elevator door.

“We’re working on it!” come the call.




for the elevator.


poem- hollows July 20, 2014

I wait

in the hollow place

for you

You happily celebrate

the concavities

but appreciate

the complexities

of the convexities.

In hollow places

grace erases traces

of solemnity and

embraces totality,


I wait

for you.



micro poetry- hour May 14, 2014

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An hour is

60 minutes

3600 seconds

a lifetime.


poem- secrets January 26, 2014

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I knew

though I waited for the words

and hoped through the years

that I was wrong

I knew

though I waited for the time

when you felt safe to tell me

or came to terms yourself.

I knew

though  I waited silently

and didn’t tell a soul

I knew.


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