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poem-virtous August 12, 2016

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Men waiting outside the fabric store

young men

old men

Sitting in cars, humming to the radio

Standing with a cigarette watching traffic go by

Sitting, eyes glazed.

Leaning, napping.

These are the patient men,

the blesséd men,

who wait while colours are contemplated

drape is determined

possibilities are dreamed.

These are the rewarded later men,

who chauffeur home happy wives,

smile vacantly, and say

“Yes, dear.”

thankful their wives know nothing

about the cost of tools.


27 Responses to “poem-virtous”

  1. chris jensen Says:

    You’ve forgotten, these are the men, which dreams are made from!

    Beautiful piece Mrs. Bird,

    hugs chris

  2. icarusarose Says:

    I love the dbl ententre of that last line!

  3. Lorien Says:

    I LOVE the surprise finish. And I do know what tools cost. So I don’t feel bad for spending some $ on fabric. A girl’s gotta have her stash…

  4. The thing is, women know full well, the cost of tools.

  5. All I can say is… so sweet. I love it so much. Made me think of my dad and want to give him a hug.

  6. dornahainds Says:

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  7. Sanford Rey Says:

    No they’re not

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