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poem- just October 3, 2015

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She’s just looking for a bit of empathy,

a wrap around her shoulders whisper in her ear,

“It’ll be okay. It’s you and me together, babe” moment.

She’s just hoping for a show of affection,

a finger trailing up her arm shooting sparks,

a kiss held for long enough to know you mean it.

She’s just waiting for you to come back

from wherever it is you’ve been wandering,

just wishing for you,

so don’t call her unreasonable, dude.

Her disappointment is justified.


9 Responses to “poem- just”

  1. howardat58 Says:

    I think men like women more in theory than in practice.

  2. doncarroll Says:

    Great piece I must say. Straight up the discovery process is tough fur a die hard introvert without question!

    • Discovery. Worship.
      Both require attention to my alma mater’s motto: Excellence through effort! 🙂

      • doncarroll Says:

        Love the response back Shawn as I certainly see it as the muse being the alma mater. Definitely worship in all the discoveries that lead to excellence through effort even if it’s from the back seat, and was told by another poet there is no shame in that. Imagine that! May the day be good to you😊

  3. Those whose longing is unspoken, are often the most intensely feeling.

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