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poem- secrets January 26, 2014

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I knew

though I waited for the words

and hoped through the years

that I was wrong

I knew

though I waited for the time

when you felt safe to tell me

or came to terms yourself.

I knew

though  I waited silently

and didn’t tell a soul

I knew.


17 Responses to “poem- secrets”

  1. Soothing, mysterious – I loved it:-)

  2. pi314chron Says:

    I like very much the way this poem involves the reader…in much the way good haiku does. Skilfully and artfully done, Shawn!


  3. Ray Says:

    So many different interpretations here… Nicely done. Almost begs for a sequel!

  4. I like this! As a poet, do you like how people can interpret your poetry in different ways, or do you want your readers to get, exactly, what you are saying? Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m getting it right, but I always enjoy the process of thinking about it.

    • Well, half of the experience comes with the reader, and that means what it means to the reader can be quite different than what it means to me. Personally, I think both perspectives are quite all right, but then, I’m always irritated by English profs who say there’s a ‘right’ interpretation of poetry. 🙂

      I should add, that if I want the reader to know exactly what I am talking about, I make a point of being clear. If I want the interpretation to be vague, then it is. 😉

  5. sgm14195 Says:

    Such open-ended poems are the reason I fell in love with poetry. This could apply to both happy and sad situations. Beautiful.

  6. jovisgoes Says:

    I loved this poem, the secret knowledge could be anything, anything at all. I felt it veered slightly towards potential sadness and disappointment, but you never know there could equally be a lovely outcome. we make our own minds up. Brilliant.

  7. Eric Says:

    This is beautiful. Simply beautiful.

  8. sagarika Says:

    Beautiful Poem, Thank you for visiting my Blog.

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