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poem-narrow March 27, 2018

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Read and understand,

my children.

The world is not as narrow

as your mind.

If you live a life,

mired in the same mud,

you will never know the

glories of a mountain peak,

power of ocean depths.

Read and understand,

my children.

What you have seen

is not all there is.

What you have felt

is not all there is to feel.

See and understand,

my children.

There is more.

So much more.

Than what you know.

Open your eyes,

to the world

my children.

See and understand.



poem- secrets January 26, 2014

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I knew

though I waited for the words

and hoped through the years

that I was wrong

I knew

though I waited for the time

when you felt safe to tell me

or came to terms yourself.

I knew

though  I waited silently

and didn’t tell a soul

I knew.


caricature or character January 30, 2012

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Every uneducated person is a caricature of himself.

Friedrich Schlegel, 1798

What a profound thought.

Without education, you’re an outline with distorted features.  Your worst is accentuated without the tempering impact of learning other perspectives, exploring other values, or discovering alternative possibilities.

Growth of personality happens when you seek wisdom and knowledge.



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