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poem-narrow March 27, 2018

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Read and understand,

my children.

The world is not as narrow

as your mind.

If you live a life,

mired in the same mud,

you will never know the

glories of a mountain peak,

power of ocean depths.

Read and understand,

my children.

What you have seen

is not all there is.

What you have felt

is not all there is to feel.

See and understand,

my children.

There is more.

So much more.

Than what you know.

Open your eyes,

to the world

my children.

See and understand.



poem-perception is reality May 9, 2015

Oh, I know the row you hoe

is dreary and full of woe!

or so you are inclined to think

but we are not defined by your narrow ink

We see you fear to be seen as less

You shout. you rave, you wave distress

It’s not about what we do, dear,

We are not the problem here.

We watch serene, your freak out scene.

We see your strengths, your skills, your care.

We know you’re kind and very fair.

You’re really great. Don’t be irate!

You perceive attacks where there are none.

There’s no one talking at your back.

You do not seek to clarify,

Oh, my, how you leap to conclusions

Each based simply on illusions.

I know perception makes reality

but I encourage you to find serenity

Ultimately, you can not be

great when you can’t see what true,

and when people are contentedly accepting you.


poem- caterpillar September 9, 2014

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Day 1.

fuzzy explorer

leaving flower pot,

dessicated remains of summer

do not make much of

a feast.


Day 2.

fuzzy explorer

stretching from the flower pot

a little further today.

Oops.  No caterpillar,

just a fuzzy leaf, expanding

territory.  Even the weeds

abandon my garden.



Spotted the fuzz in the pot as I pulled out the drive way.  This is an example of where I ‘come up with poems.’  It’s also proof that perspectives on a situation change from day to day!


poem- if November 5, 2013

If he loved her,

….she thinks

he would greet her every day

with a heart heating hug

with a spine kindling kiss

with glowing eyes.

If he loved her,

….she thinks

he would bid her sleeping form farewell

with grieving eyes

with cuddling kiss

with a heart felt hug

longing to remain.

If he loved her,

….she thinks

he would harness his white horse

unsheath his sword,

charge down her demons,

She doesn’t see,

that he is her champion,

if he sees who she is

and stays to fight for her

when she’s not looking.

She doesn’t see,

that he loves her.


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