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poem- droning October 8, 2014

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Through distant waves of consciousness,

I could hear the bagpipes.

I strained to identify the tune:

Something familiar, but not quite


When Malcolm was five,

he longed to play the pipes,

and listened blissfully to recordings

of pipe and drum corps.

At twenty-five, it seems doubtful

he’s returned to this youthful passion.

And still I hear the droning buzz

through bleary wakening,

until with a click,

he turns his razor off.



(true story)


poem- caterpillar September 9, 2014

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Day 1.

fuzzy explorer

leaving flower pot,

dessicated remains of summer

do not make much of

a feast.


Day 2.

fuzzy explorer

stretching from the flower pot

a little further today.

Oops.  No caterpillar,

just a fuzzy leaf, expanding

territory.  Even the weeds

abandon my garden.



Spotted the fuzz in the pot as I pulled out the drive way.  This is an example of where I ‘come up with poems.’  It’s also proof that perspectives on a situation change from day to day!


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