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poem- early June 4, 2015

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Guest instructor

releases class without permission

Students delighted to wander the halls

bounce balls

study their phones

while the supervisor

looks around the class room,



poem- uh? excuse me? May 30, 2015

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This is a trifle awkward


I’m really sorry to bother you


but it’s kind of important


that you do what you were hired to do.


if you wouldn’t mind, I’d appreciate it


if you would follow through?




Canadian approach to slow contractors, agents, students, etc.  lol  Why are we so gentle?

(Okay- weird thing- just reading this as it’s published and noticed every second long line rhymes.  That was a complete accident.  lol   )


poem- swing May 27, 2015

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In the photograph, you are on a swing in city park,

the yellow paint on the support bar is worn and flaking,

you grip the chain, suspended on the tiny rubber seat

your tall man body mashed.

You’re smirking so wide your dimple dances with the light in your eyes

Our first French kiss lingered in the air,

as our future flashed fireworks over your head.



This photo sits on my desk, and makes me smile every day.


poem-rapid write May 21, 2015

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Your pens are scratching

Timer ticking

Ten minutes of writing



instant effort

fired up

The buzzer sounds

and you have created

something that did not exist

ten minutes before.



In my classes students do daily timed writes to get the brains used to engaging quickly and just writing loosely.  I give them prompts to use or not: lines from songs, Rory Story Cubes, a photo. It’s amazing to see how they develop writing muscles.  I check these as complete, but don’t grade them.  They’re about process because you learn to write by writing. 🙂  


poem- startle May 18, 2015

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No sneaking

No whispers

No clandestine act

Engine patters

Garage door rumbles

Back door slams

Yet a happy greeting yields hours of anxieties.

Something is not working here.


poem-critique May 17, 2015

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I love the simplicity

of this collection,

but it’s

bordering on saccharine


syrup on my waffles,

but not




(I had an official poetry critique by a famous writer/poet today.   I have never had my poetry critiqued by anyone ‘in the biz.’  This is the summary of the observations on the 20 or so love poems submitted.  😉  Apparently I should aim to be a *bit* edgier.  I think this is quite wonderful, actually).


poem-bone bling March 30, 2015

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“So what happened exactly?”

the students asked,

and I told them about the fall,

casts, surgery, plate, and screws.

“Ha!” one laughed, “That’s perfect for you!”

“Why?” I asked

“Because now

even your skeleton

has bling!”



True story.

I love my students.



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