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poem-bone bling March 30, 2015

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“So what happened exactly?”

the students asked,

and I told them about the fall,

casts, surgery, plate, and screws.

“Ha!” one laughed, “That’s perfect for you!”

“Why?” I asked

“Because now

even your skeleton

has bling!”



True story.

I love my students.



8 Responses to “poem-bone bling”

  1. T.R. Sanders Says:

    Oh, those wicked and whiley “kids”! Haha

  2. lillian Says:

    Love love love this! I have a lovely plate with screws in my wrist — on a Sunday morning some years past, I decided to forgo church (my husband went) and instead, go skating on Boston’s Frog Pond. I fell and broke my wrist….as my husband said, “God’ll get cha!” Well, now I can simply say I have some added bling! Great story (yours) and fun poem! Will comment on your about me page in a moment.

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