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poem- swing May 27, 2015

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In the photograph, you are on a swing in city park,

the yellow paint on the support bar is worn and flaking,

you grip the chain, suspended on the tiny rubber seat

your tall man body mashed.

You’re smirking so wide your dimple dances with the light in your eyes

Our first French kiss lingered in the air,

as our future flashed fireworks over your head.



This photo sits on my desk, and makes me smile every day.


10 Responses to “poem- swing”

  1. Opening your heart to accept someone in can be fearful. Great description….

  2. My fascination with females began long before I ever sat on a swing, but it was there that the marvel, the beauty, entered my full awareness, as I reached great heights in their company.

  3. colonialist Says:

    Right, that’s the swing done and dusted. Now, the roundabout? 🙂

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