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poem-partners March 6, 2015

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when your shoe is hurting,

it’s because of the seam

on the sock.


poem- droning October 8, 2014

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Through distant waves of consciousness,

I could hear the bagpipes.

I strained to identify the tune:

Something familiar, but not quite


When Malcolm was five,

he longed to play the pipes,

and listened blissfully to recordings

of pipe and drum corps.

At twenty-five, it seems doubtful

he’s returned to this youthful passion.

And still I hear the droning buzz

through bleary wakening,

until with a click,

he turns his razor off.



(true story)


she says, he says May 21, 2012

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I’m sad, she says,

her head resting

upon his shoulder.

Words greeted by silence

that hovers

like a malevolent precipice.

Why, he says, are you choosing

to make yourself sad?

I did not choose to be sad, she says.

So then, why did you say, This is sad? he says.

What? she says.

You said, This is sad, he says.

I did not, she says.

I said, I’m sad. She says.

No. You didn’t, he says.

Yes.  I did. She says, sighing.

Silence weaves around them like water

filling between the cracks.


I’m angry, she says.


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