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poem-shared November 27, 2020

It starts with a shoemaker:

distinctive shoes

loud shoes

not for hiding shoes.

It grows with friends:

shared shoe styles

shared eccentricity

shared creativity.

It rests in comfort:

not alone.

Celebrate unique soles





My Nikki Knox collaborator, Nikolette, also a teacher, and I are feeling rather stressed these days as the second wave of the pandemic strikes with rising numbers in schools. We are consoling each other by wearing the same Fluevog shoes this week (we have several pairs in common). Though we are 800 km apart, we are in each other’s hearts and soles. ūüôā


Poem- It’s NOT about the shoes? October 1, 2020

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sometimes it’s ALL about the shoes.

‘Cause daring to wear those shoes

is daring to celebrate your self

your passion

your individuality.

I wear wild and funky shoes

because it’s about me in the shoes

and what they tell everyone else.

It’s definitely about the shoes.

Believe it.



(and that is the whole premise behind the Nikki Knox stories! Check the link above if you love great shoes, too!)


Poem- I love your way of being in the world February 6, 2020

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Your best feet forward

heels tapping

vamp it up

booting out negativity

sole savouring

stepping out

high kicking.

Squeal all together now:

“I LOVE your shoes!”



(for Flummunity)







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poem- compensations November 4, 2016

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It’s a grey day

frost in the air,

but at least I’m greeting it

in a great pair of shoes.


poem-heel! June 6, 2015

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Her heels

hold back healing

but she feels

without stealing

opportunities for heels

her soul won’t heal,

whole soles heal heels.



(wishful thinking, that.)


poem-partners March 6, 2015

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when your shoe is hurting,

it’s because of the seam

on the sock.


poem- happiness is November 24, 2014

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Joy is

is happy feet,

creamy leather

ornate scrolls

and cryptic snippets of

soleful inspiration,

sliced off at the edges:

Be proud in the love you have been given

Ask why you’re doing it.

Your car drive fluevog

to be human

you go give thanks

your sole will direct

and p ills outwards the rest

Spills outward the rest

deeply funky let your life shine in dark

human is to be divine

style is grace

Yes, Sight is a Miracle.

Like the bag says,

“you can’t buy happiness,

but at least you can buy Fluevogs.”

and contemplate

cryptology in your sole.



The shoes are Fluevog Miracle Sight in cream.

The socks are over the knees from

They’re like a match made in heaven, aren’t they?


poem- Misty’s shoes April 17, 2014

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I’m wearing Misty’s shoes;

her ghost clings to them

billowing behind the clicking heels

in the hallway.

Misty set these shoes

on the foot rest of her

wheelchair, but I’m dancing

to her memory down corridors,

blowing kisses to the sky

through windows

wide with wishes.




A few years ago on eBay I bought a pair of black and white Fluevog Harlows: ¬†T-straps on towering spool heels .¬† Misty’s sister told me about how they were selling her shoes after her untimely death from cystic-fibrosis.¬† I was so impressed with what she told me about her feisty sister over a brief correspondance,¬†that I created a shoe-oholic character called Misty¬†in the Grace books 3 & 4.¬†¬†The manuscript is¬†sitting on a shelf, waiting for polishing.¬† Someday you’ll get to meet her fictional namesake.¬† In the meantime, you can admire her excellent taste in shoes:

John Fluevog Harlow (Black/White Crackle) - Spectators Dress Shoes :  heels blackandwhite spectator


poem- red lipstick January 1, 2014

A sales lady

rhapodized over my

red and purple shoes.

“I wish I had the guts

to wear something like that,”

she said, sighing.

“I always admire

great shoes on other people.”


I told someone of this,

and she said,

“I know what she means.

I used to envy people

who had the courage to wear

red lipstick.”

I smiled,

gazing at her scarlet lips.

“Do you feel super-powered

in that lipstick?”

Her eyes just twinkled in response.


We hold ourselves back,

from what will

make our spirits soar,

reveal our natures,

demonstrate our individuality,

because of what?

Fear of censure by dullards?


Fear of our own unleashed potential?


Embrace the tokens

of your power:

wear shoes that make your feet

dance in the street,

and lipstick that makes your smile

a billboard for your joy.

Be you

in all your



(Thanks Julia, for loaning me the lipstick image). ūüėČ


poem- celebration shoes September 2, 2013

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I wear my celebrations

sassily, upon my feet.  

Stutting to the future,

prancing forward.

No dark days or dreary feet,

in the walk to destiny,

just delightful dancing shoes

shepherding me onward.




My “I finally got a continuing teaching contract!” celebration shoes:¬†Bellevue Sally Skull

My “I survived the slowest drive to and from Vancouver on the TransCanada” celebration shoes:¬†Bellevue Laura Hart. ¬†(Yeah. ¬†Sometimes any excuse for celebration will do! lol)

Laura Evans (Grey & Burgundy)

They’re both Fluevogs, of course. ¬†More particularly they’re both part of the brilliant Bellevue heel family. ¬†Bellevues are my favourite Vog style because of their very soft leathers, comfortable height for working all day, ¬†and for their fun style that stretches comfortably into the evening. ¬†Their motto is “Keeping pushing West beyond your imagination” and they’re named after real Wild West entrepreneurial ladies (ech hem) with very interesting stories.

Here’s Sally Skull’s bio¬†and here is Laura Evan’s. ¬†Feisty girls!


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