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poem- celebration shoes September 2, 2013

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I wear my celebrations

sassily, upon my feet.  

Stutting to the future,

prancing forward.

No dark days or dreary feet,

in the walk to destiny,

just delightful dancing shoes

shepherding me onward.




My “I finally got a continuing teaching contract!” celebration shoes: Bellevue Sally Skull

My “I survived the slowest drive to and from Vancouver on the TransCanada” celebration shoes: Bellevue Laura Hart.  (Yeah.  Sometimes any excuse for celebration will do! lol)

Laura Evans (Grey & Burgundy)

They’re both Fluevogs, of course.  More particularly they’re both part of the brilliant Bellevue heel family.  Bellevues are my favourite Vog style because of their very soft leathers, comfortable height for working all day,  and for their fun style that stretches comfortably into the evening.  Their motto is “Keeping pushing West beyond your imagination” and they’re named after real Wild West entrepreneurial ladies (ech hem) with very interesting stories.

Here’s Sally Skull’s bio and here is Laura Evan’s.  Feisty girls!


Fluevog addict? May 2, 2013

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someone arrived at my blog

yesterday, having used

the search term

“Fluevog addict.”


 That seems a little harsh.



Couldn’t we just say


or “connoisseur?”


Come on now.

That’s definitely over-stating.




Did I tell you?

To celebrate my Master’s placement

I have Prepared Hi Steadies coming ?

Steady (Yellow)

Aren’t they gorgeous?

Way cheaper than a party to celebrate,

and I get to enjoy them for ages!


Rather than a single evening.

That’s not addiction.

That’s just…



Oh, and

John Fluevog thinks I’m awesome!

So there.


(Well fine, he probably thinks you’re awesome, too)





Fluevog liked this poem so much, that they sent me a mug!  Yay!  🙂  They know how to feed their addic…  >>cough<< …fans.  Many thanks to Preet at the Vancouver Granville Fluevog store, who takes good care of me, AND sends me presents!  (If you look closely, you can see that the mug says “Juan Fluevog”  I think that’s hilarious.  Vog humour.  HA!)



Pilgrimage to Fluevog Gastown October 27, 2012

I discovered Vancouver’s Fluevog shoes just in the last year or so, and ever since I have been developing a collection of gorgeous shoes.  Fluevogs are very well made, beautifully designed, unique and interesting shoes.  I’m discovering that there is definitely a Fluevogian attitude that celebrates creativity.  People who wear ‘Vogs are people I enjoy meeting.

I have purchased all my ‘Vogs online, either through or eBay, but I dreamed of the day that I would be able to make a pilgrimage to the flagship, original store in Gastown.

When I went to Surrey for SIWC2012, I took the opportunity.  I parked Sheila the Bug at the hotel, and took the bus and Skytrain into Gastown.  55 minutes X 2 trips in order to spend a few minutes in a store that had originally been a car park.  It’s all glass front and roof, and log slices artfully display the most brilliant shoes on the planet in the abundant natural light.

Red and purple Fluevog K2s

I had two shoe styles that I wanted to try on.  The first was  the new Elizabeths with the ball and claw heel that mimics Chippendale style furniture.  So cool!  Unfortunately, the Elizabeths rubbed in a bad place, so I will have to wait for future shoes coming out with this amazing heel.

The second shoes were the K2s.  I have worn similar shoes (in boring black) and had them until they fell apart. I know Oxfords are a great, every day style shoe for me.  The K2s were a perfect fit, soft leather, fun vibrant colour combination, great heel height, and eye-catching, as well.  My kind of shoe!  They were an easy, “Yes!” and into the lovely paper bag they went.

After my shoe purchase, I headed across the road to The Coffee Bar to have dinner with Citieguy Paul Schellenberg who is a local impresario.  Paul and I were Rotary Exchange students together years ago.  He went to Belgium when I went to Finland.  It’s been quite a few years, and it’s fun to see where we’ve taken the skills we developed as exchange students!  It turns out that The Coffee Bar is a favourite haunt of my son, who works for 49th Parallel Roasteries,  which supplies the coffee that is served there.  The cashier raved about how wonderful my son is, and  I told them to tell him that they’d met his mother. <g>  Nothing like embarrassing your kid, right?

The visit with Paul was all too short, because I had a big night ahead of me!  The lovely Fluevog paper bag dissolved on the way back to the hotel, in the humidity of  the miserable rain, but nothing could wash away my enthusiasm!  I put my new shoes onto my feet and headed off to Chapters at Strawberry Hill to meet authors JJ Lee, Michael Slade, CC Humphreys, Mary Balogh, Jack Whyte, and Diana Gabaldon.

Like the finance minister wearing new shoes to present a new budget, my new Fluevogs set the tone for a weekend of creativity, exhuberance, and promise.  I was introduced to a lot of wonderful people who had to stop to ask me about my various shoes.  I wore Fluevog Bellevue Pearl Harts to the 1920s dinner for perfect vintage style.  My Fluevog Ice Blue Macchiatos made the SIWC Facebook page, and at dinner one evening, I was asked to come meet a table of ladies all wearing unique Fluevog shoes. Author CC Humphreys complimented my shoes, and pointed out that he, too, was weaving ‘Vogs!  The people at SIWC are clearly MY PEOPLE! <g>

Of course, besides helping to meet amazing new people, the best thing about having distinctive shoes, is that whenever I wear these awesome K2s, I will remember that I was wearing them when I met my favourite author, Diana Gabaldon!  <g>  It will remind me of her writing advice and generous spirit.

Creative shoes.  Creative people.  Creative spirit.  Creative life.


Lucky boots January 28, 2012

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Sometimes you just get lucky.  Unexpected discoveries, simple pleasures, a wish fulfilled…

Three years ago, I started looking for the perfect pair of grey boots.

My criteria:

  • real leather
  • under $150
  • tall
  • cute

I found the Second Miracle Logan’s on and drooled big time.  They met all the criteria except price.  Unfortunately they were 3X the budget, and there was no way I could talk myself into them.  >>sigh<<  Every once in a while I’d go back to the site and stare dreamily at them.  Then this fall, they were gone.  I let go the dream that those were my dream boots.  I kept searching for grey boots, but despite the odd ‘grey boots only’ shopping events, I remained empty handed..ur…bare footed?

Today, I was at the Fluevog site and clicked “Clearance.”  There were 3 items in my size, and guess what was there?  ONE pair of my Logan boots!  AND they were so discounted that with tax and shipping they STILL met budget!  My boots are in Montreal.  Fantastique.  Soon they will be here.  My quest for the perfect grey boots has finally ended.

It’s a simple pleasure to have a goal achieved.  Is this a lesson on the value of perseverence and patience?  Perhaps.  Lacing them up is definitely going to require perseverence and patience!  (No kidding- there is no zipper in these).

I decided that I can’t buy a single additional bit of footwear this month.

Good thing it’s the 31st.

No wait.  It’s the 27th!  That’s 4 days to remain new shoeless!  Wow.  That will be hard, but I will fight my base urges and restrain myself.



Fluevog here, Fluevog there… March 3, 2011

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Hot on the heels of my recent blog on Fluevog shoes, I discovered John Fluevog himself looking out at me from the cover of Vista magazine while I was visiting my local health food store today (stocking up on dark chocolate covered ginger and stevia)  Check it out. The article is on page 22.

Fluevog is asked how his love of cars influences his shoe designs and he responds,

I like cars because I like the way they look; it has nothing to do with the way they drive.  I actually walk to work every day and I don’t drive that much, thought I have four cars.  Oddly enough, cars and shoes have a lot in common.  They’re multi-angular, multi-functional, continuously moving shapes.  I think cars are fashion guards–the lack of fashion lately in cars is a reflection of society and what people think.

This amuses me because in Grace Awakening Fatima the Bug is almost a character,

Like everything else about her, Auntie Bright’s car was very distinctive.  It was an ancient VW Beetle that she’d had painted a vivid Mediterranean blue, and then she’d hand painted it with a swirling variety of giant paisleys in purples, blues, yellows and reds.  Here and there were dots of gemstones glued on as accents, just to add sparkle.  At first glance it seemed as if she’d upholstered the car with vivid cloth and sequins.  People did double takes on the highway, and she generally had at least one person stop to admire and to ask her about it wherever she went.  Children were drawn to it.  People smiled as they saw her coming.  It always made her shake her head and remark, “People are such cowards.  They come and rave about how beautiful my car is, how they wish they could have a unique car, and yet they content themselves to drive around in boring mud coloured cookie cutters.  I don’t get it.”  (p. 269)

We’ve already established that  Bright would love Fluevog’s shoes.   I wonder what he’d think of Bright’s car?

Or mine, for that matter!


Bright boots… February 20, 2011

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Every once in awhile I feel obligated to draw to your attention a fashion source that Auntie Bright would love.  I confess that Fluevog Shoes, based in Vancouver, is so fabulous that it goes beyond the adoration of my fictional character, and I love it, too!  John Fluevog is a Canadian shoe designer who creates amazing, unique, retro, delightfully Bright shoes.  If you like the weird, wonderful and unique, go wandering through the on-line store at 

When you’re studying the various lines of shoes,you can probably figure out that Eris has the LA boots, and Bonnie loves the Wearever collection… 

These Libby Smith boots are coming home with me and Bright, but I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well… 

PS.  While you’re at don’t forget to check out John Fluevog’s beautifully restored (and slightly reinterpreted) antique Jag  “The Flueguar” under “STUFF.”  What a car!


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