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pinterest May 7, 2012

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I’ve been hearing about Pinterest, so I decided to take a look.  It seems like fun, so I’ve got a profile going there.  My boards are about the places and spaces that I love (like my own backyard), people I admire (so far only authors, but if I think, I know I’ll come up with more.  At the moment I am so obsessed with Diana Gabaldon I’m having trouble seeing past her! lol), and books I love.

After that, I jumped into author mode, and Grace has a board, as well as Ben and Auntie Bright.

Have a look around at  Feel free to offer some suggestions!


Bright boots… February 20, 2011

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Every once in awhile I feel obligated to draw to your attention a fashion source that Auntie Bright would love.  I confess that Fluevog Shoes, based in Vancouver, is so fabulous that it goes beyond the adoration of my fictional character, and I love it, too!  John Fluevog is a Canadian shoe designer who creates amazing, unique, retro, delightfully Bright shoes.  If you like the weird, wonderful and unique, go wandering through the on-line store at 

When you’re studying the various lines of shoes,you can probably figure out that Eris has the LA boots, and Bonnie loves the Wearever collection… 

These Libby Smith boots are coming home with me and Bright, but I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well… 

PS.  While you’re at don’t forget to check out John Fluevog’s beautifully restored (and slightly reinterpreted) antique Jag  “The Flueguar” under “STUFF.”  What a car!


Auntie Bright would love this! October 17, 2010

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I just saw Ralph Lauren’s Fall 2010 line. Oh, this is stuff that Auntie Bright would not be able to resist! The floral prints, ruffles and Victorian styles would cause a shopping spree. Check it out here.  Auntie Bright (unlike me) loves a totally Bohemian look.  She would also wear some of the more colourful items available from Arwen’s Apparel in 100 Mile House.  Bright also has the figure to carry it off (unlike me).  ;-P 

I wonder what that peridontist in Kelowna meant when he said I had a Bohemian look going?  ‘Cause I didn’t at all.  I was just wearing a lot of purple.  Purple doesn’t necessarily mean Bohemian.  Really.


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