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Bright boots… February 20, 2011

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Every once in awhile I feel obligated to draw to your attention a fashion source that Auntie Bright would love.  I confess that Fluevog Shoes, based in Vancouver, is so fabulous that it goes beyond the adoration of my fictional character, and I love it, too!  John Fluevog is a Canadian shoe designer who creates amazing, unique, retro, delightfully Bright shoes.  If you like the weird, wonderful and unique, go wandering through the on-line store at 

When you’re studying the various lines of shoes,you can probably figure out that Eris has the LA boots, and Bonnie loves the Wearever collection… 

These Libby Smith boots are coming home with me and Bright, but I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well… 

PS.  While you’re at don’t forget to check out John Fluevog’s beautifully restored (and slightly reinterpreted) antique Jag  “The Flueguar” under “STUFF.”  What a car!


5 Responses to “Bright boots…”

  1. keren Huyter Says:

    I think I mentioned Fluevogs to you a while back. My friend Jaime LOVES them, and own several pairs. I heard that there is a shop in Enderby that sells them too….Shall we go some day?

    • Shawn Bird Says:

      Yes- Little City Fashions in Enderby carries a few styles- I try some on and ponder every time I’m there! Unfortunately I have not had the luck of finding the style I love available in my size. Someone else around here in my size has the same taste! 😉

  2. […] on the heels of my recent blog on Fluevog shoes, I discovered John Fluevog himself looking out at me from the cover of Vista magazine while I was […]

  3. […] Grace. Oh yes. I would love to meet my Grace Severin! Like a child, I may have birthed her, but she has taken on her own life. She has her own friends, speaks to other people, and she definitely did what she wanted, despite what I wanted on many occasions. She’s a responsible person though. Hopefully a bit of a mix of all the best things from other characters I’d like to meet. Yes. I’d love to sit down for a heart to heart with Grace. I know a nice Greek restaurant we can go to, and this weekend, they’ve even got a harpist.  I’ll wear Bright’s boots. […]

  4. […] I was looking at blogs for some inspiration on other ways to wear my Libby Smith boots, and that search led me to The Fashionable Bureaucrat.  Megan lives all the way across Canada and […]

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