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poem- walking in the sexy boots October 21, 2020

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The morning skies were grey

but they saw the sashay

and knew it wasn’t a day

to stay that way, you

might construe something at play,

but my boots made the sky turn blue!



FWIW- I was wearing my purple velvet, sparky embossed leather and black patent leather Fluevog Atria boots today. No such thing as ‘too much.’ ūüėČ

Photo by Shawn L. Bird on October 21, 2020. Image may contain: one or more people, shoes and boots.






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poem-right for you May 18, 2019

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For Linda, and those Fluevog Heidi boots… ūüôā


Never felt right for me.

Sloppy here

Too tight there

Almost like they just weren’t meant to be.

Then you came along

singing those songs

inspiring me.

You made me laugh

A rough task when my brain is broken.

When we had a chance to meet

Your floral feet put right next to mine

The sky lit with possibility of

A perfect fit.

Almost as if I’d been meant to keep them safe for you

Almost as if they were waiting.

I’m waving those babies good-bye as you drive down the street.

I’m elated we had a chance to meet,

’cause those boots were plainly meant for your feet.

They’re meant for dancing to the beat

stomping on bad days,

striding places

where I was never going to take them.

I know it’s absolutely true:

Those boots were meant for you.



poem- boots March 22, 2017

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The boots are on.

Laced up tight.

Little Xs pulling things together

(Are those hugs or kisses?)

No matter.

When you’re giving winter the boot,


is a good message to wear.

20170322_154305[1] Miracles Logan boots ¬†from the “Narrative of the Grey Boot Quest” blog post.

I always feel slightly super powered when I wear these boots, though I can’t wear them if I’m running late for work since it takes 4 minutes per boot to lace them up! ¬†ūüôā



poem- new boots November 14, 2015

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New winter boots

ready to brave the storms

fake dead animal rising from their depths

a warning to wandering acrylics or polymids

the woods are not safe for the likes of you,

when it’s new boot hunting season.




My new Sorel boots- found in the 50% off rack. ¬†(Probably because of the fake fur tops?) ¬†My last Sorels I purchased in 1986, but¬†when DH painted the front door in the garage this summer, he re-coloured them for me into ‘red-pink spray’. ¬†Time for an update, I think. ¬†The old ones don’t owe me anything! ¬†I confess, I am contemplating taking the poodle clippers to the overgrowth, though…


The narrative of the Grey Boot Quest January 29, 2012

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I stroll the mall, and check all routes

in search of perfect, tall, grey boots.

Store by store I search them all

On tidy shelves and crowded stalls.

I search the net in desperate state

At The Boots await!

The perfect shape.  The perfect heel.

The shade of grey, that’s dove not steel.

Alas, at five hundred bucks with tax,

My happy heart’s cleaved with an ax.

I check the site from time to time

To see if cost has dropped a dime.

But one sad day, the boots were gone

My face grew sad, my mouth was drawn.


The Grey Boot Quest began once more

Fruitless, I wandered store to store,

Til a clearance ad came to my in box

and now I can enfold my socks.

My Fluevog Logan boots, were on sale

A happy ending to the tale!

A single pair was in my size,

I quickly clicked, ready to BUY.

Soon from the store in Montreal

My boots will travel, pushed and hauled.

The first miracle was an end to the quest

The Second Miracle Logans are the best!

A week from now, or maybe two,

I’ll pose in those grey boots for you!




Lucky boots January 28, 2012

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Sometimes you just get lucky. ¬†Unexpected discoveries, simple pleasures, a wish fulfilled…

Three years ago, I started looking for the perfect pair of grey boots.

My criteria:

  • real leather
  • under $150
  • tall
  • cute

I found the Second Miracle Logan’s on and drooled big time. ¬†They met all the criteria except price. ¬†Unfortunately they were 3X the budget, and there was no way I could talk myself into them. ¬†>>sigh<< ¬†Every once in a while I’d go back to the site and stare dreamily at them. ¬†Then this fall, they were gone. ¬†I let go the dream that those were my dream boots. ¬†I kept searching for grey boots, but despite the odd ‘grey boots only’ shopping events, I remained empty handed..ur…bare footed?

Today, I was at the Fluevog site and clicked “Clearance.” ¬†There were 3 items in my size, and guess what was there? ¬†ONE pair of my Logan boots! ¬†AND they were so discounted that with tax and shipping they STILL met budget! ¬†My boots are in Montreal. ¬†Fantastique. ¬†Soon they will be here. ¬†My quest for the perfect grey boots has finally ended.

It’s a simple pleasure to have a goal achieved. ¬†Is this a lesson on the value of perseverence and patience? ¬†Perhaps. ¬†Lacing them up is definitely going to require perseverence and patience! ¬†(No kidding- there is no zipper in these).

I decided that I can’t buy a single additional bit of footwear this month.

Good thing it’s the 31st.

No wait. ¬†It’s the 27th! ¬†That’s 4 days to remain new shoeless! ¬†Wow. ¬†That will be hard, but I will fight my base urges and restrain myself.



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