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poem-charmed life February 20, 2014

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Food in the belly

Roof overhead

Someone to love

Someone who loves back

Meaningful work

Good health

Funds for fun

Joyful heart






Lucky boots January 28, 2012

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Sometimes you just get lucky.  Unexpected discoveries, simple pleasures, a wish fulfilled…

Three years ago, I started looking for the perfect pair of grey boots.

My criteria:

  • real leather
  • under $150
  • tall
  • cute

I found the Second Miracle Logan’s on and drooled big time.  They met all the criteria except price.  Unfortunately they were 3X the budget, and there was no way I could talk myself into them.  >>sigh<<  Every once in a while I’d go back to the site and stare dreamily at them.  Then this fall, they were gone.  I let go the dream that those were my dream boots.  I kept searching for grey boots, but despite the odd ‘grey boots only’ shopping events, I remained empty handed..ur…bare footed?

Today, I was at the Fluevog site and clicked “Clearance.”  There were 3 items in my size, and guess what was there?  ONE pair of my Logan boots!  AND they were so discounted that with tax and shipping they STILL met budget!  My boots are in Montreal.  Fantastique.  Soon they will be here.  My quest for the perfect grey boots has finally ended.

It’s a simple pleasure to have a goal achieved.  Is this a lesson on the value of perseverence and patience?  Perhaps.  Lacing them up is definitely going to require perseverence and patience!  (No kidding- there is no zipper in these).

I decided that I can’t buy a single additional bit of footwear this month.

Good thing it’s the 31st.

No wait.  It’s the 27th!  That’s 4 days to remain new shoeless!  Wow.  That will be hard, but I will fight my base urges and restrain myself.



feelin’ lucky? September 22, 2010

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“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

Oprah Winfrey

On my fridge I have a magnet that says, “Luck is believing you are lucky.”

I’ve heard people say, “You make your own luck” and I guess that’s a combination of Oprah’s comment and my magnet.  Make a plan, get started toward your goals and even if things don’t turn out quite as expected, at least you’re moving in the right direction to seize opportunities that come unexpectedly.  One course at college you ended up in to make up a credit might end up changing your life direction.  One vacation might change your career path.  Being open to surprises and taking advantage of them brings us both good luck and bad luck.  Our attitude determines which, not the circumstances.

Do you choose to be lucky?


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