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poem-overwhelmed November 16, 2020

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just one day

I just need to be ready

for today

I can only plan

a step at a time

I can only plan

for today

I just need to be ready

just one day.





(Feeling just a little overwhelmed to be starting back full-time after 2 years of partial medical leave. I’d hoped to have all prep done for the next 10 weeks, but all I have completely ready to go is this week. Well. Just tomorrow, actually! :-/ ).


poem- prep July 14, 2018

Beneath a cloudless blue sky

I feel the storm coming,

black clouds gathering.

Could they reflect black shirts?

I ponder,


if I should be building false walls

to hide those who will be escaping tyranny.

I wonder,

if I am far enough from a border to avoid


A century ago,

they didn’t understand the signs,

but now we do.

Those who read are the first removed

when the evil rises.

Do all those kids who demanded,

“Why do we have to learn this?”

remember that their teachers said,

“So you’ll see the signs.”

“So it will never happen again.”

“Remember, they elected Hitler;

“they heiled and fell for his lies,

“because they wanted to believe their superiority,

“wanted a scapegoat for their troubles.”

There can be no excuses.

Shall I buy bricks or drywall?

Where will I construct false bottoms?

Where will we hide in the resulting rubble,

when the jack boots stomp through?

Another cristelnacht, this time in New York?

The hammock swings its consolation:

It can’t happen here.

It won’t happen here.

How many said those words a century


How many grew to knowing the meaning

of fear?


feelin’ lucky? September 22, 2010

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“I feel that luck is preparation meeting opportunity.”

Oprah Winfrey

On my fridge I have a magnet that says, “Luck is believing you are lucky.”

I’ve heard people say, “You make your own luck” and I guess that’s a combination of Oprah’s comment and my magnet.  Make a plan, get started toward your goals and even if things don’t turn out quite as expected, at least you’re moving in the right direction to seize opportunities that come unexpectedly.  One course at college you ended up in to make up a credit might end up changing your life direction.  One vacation might change your career path.  Being open to surprises and taking advantage of them brings us both good luck and bad luck.  Our attitude determines which, not the circumstances.

Do you choose to be lucky?


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