Shawn L. Bird

Original poetry, commentary, and fiction. All copyrights reserved.

poem- prep July 14, 2018

Beneath a cloudless blue sky

I feel the storm coming,

black clouds gathering.

Could they reflect black shirts?

I ponder,


if I should be building false walls

to hide those who will be escaping tyranny.

I wonder,

if I am far enough from a border to avoid


A century ago,

they didn’t understand the signs,

but now we do.

Those who read are the first removed

when the evil rises.

Do all those kids who demanded,

“Why do we have to learn this?”

remember that their teachers said,

“So you’ll see the signs.”

“So it will never happen again.”

“Remember, they elected Hitler;

“they heiled and fell for his lies,

“because they wanted to believe their superiority,

“wanted a scapegoat for their troubles.”

There can be no excuses.

Shall I buy bricks or drywall?

Where will I construct false bottoms?

Where will we hide in the resulting rubble,

when the jack boots stomp through?

Another cristelnacht, this time in New York?

The hammock swings its consolation:

It can’t happen here.

It won’t happen here.

How many said those words a century


How many grew to knowing the meaning

of fear?


5 Responses to “poem- prep”

  1. Sadly history always repeats itself. As is happening in America. The USA is being destroyed from within.
    Being an African American I often wonder how long before they come for me.
    Racism, bigotry and discrimination have always been a part of the American landscape but now things are much worse as the KKK AND The American Nazi party have free reign and the support of #45.
    Attacks on minorities are on the rise.

    Bullybosess know that they can get away with harassing Black, Hispanic, Asian and Muslim employees. I’m taking early retirement partially for that. I’m done. I’ve been called everything but a child of God.
    The Struggle is real.

  2. Jim Stewart Says:

    When ignorance is embraced as an asset, a way of life, filled with pride, and malice is accepted as legal tender, we Americans are down the road to perdition. Some of us embrace kindness and practice it. I’m still trying to decide if that is most of us or, sadly, too few of us.

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