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poem-overwhelmed November 16, 2020

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just one day

I just need to be ready

for today

I can only plan

a step at a time

I can only plan

for today

I just need to be ready

just one day.





(Feeling just a little overwhelmed to be starting back full-time after 2 years of partial medical leave. I’d hoped to have all prep done for the next 10 weeks, but all I have completely ready to go is this week. Well. Just tomorrow, actually! :-/ ).


5 Responses to “poem-overwhelmed”

  1. Dela Says:

    I wish you well back full-time, Shawn. I’ve followed your blog silently forever and I’m here from Twitter to say hope you make that 18000 soon. 🙂

  2. MJ Berezan Says:

    You’ve got this! 👍And that’s exactly how to deal with it! 💗

    • I don’t know how I will manage to prep and to mark and get home at a decent hour. It was 6pm tonight, and classes haven’t started yet. Once they have, I may never be seen in daylight!

      It’s 7:35pm and I’m about to get ready for bed…

  3. magicpoet01 Says:

    Take care opf yourself FIRST & FOREMOST!

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