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poem- speak November 20, 2020

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Speak your future

Say what you will be.

In moments of self-nurture,

Trust in your destiny.



A little reflection based on some observation in a Zoom presentation for Professional Development from indigenous author Monique Gray Smith.


poem-The Poetry Retreat is Over July 9, 2017

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The Poetry Retreat is Over

I am the last to leave.

The GPS battery is dead;

I don’t know where to go from here.


poem- Misty’s shoes June 3, 2017

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Misty’s shoes

attended graduation,

tramping up and down the stairs,

standing at the podium as

name after name was read

each biography

each list of scholarships.

Dancing  for young people,

leaping off into the unknown.

Misty’s shoes were there,

celebrating a roomful of potential

that Misty will never know.




A few years ago on eBay I purchased a pair of stunning black and white spectator pumps (Listen Up Harlow by John Fluevog).  While corresponding with the seller, I was told that they were her deceased sister’s shoes.  Misty had passed away from cystic fibrosis.  I was touched by the story, and wrote a character named after her into the novel I was writing at the time.  Misty loved shoes and dancing and her passions fueled her story line in Grace Awakening Myth.   (GA Myth is still in editing and revisions. Not sure that sub-plot will make the cut, actually).  Thinking about Misty while wearing her shoes at my school’s grad this week, I remembered young people I knew who passed away far too young.


poem-moment June 15, 2016

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In a moment

everything she thought she’d be

was sliced away.

In a moment

simple expectations yielded

to new arrays.

In a moment

opportunity seized her hand

to her dismay.

In a moment

foolish disappointments

were child’s play.

In a moment

her entire future was pulled

onto a new pathway.



poem-worlds beyond June 8, 2016

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There are worlds beyond your doors

and opportunities reaching out to you.

“Future” is such a big word,

and so is “college” if no one has been before.

But you have just as much right

to take those chances, as any one else.

Don’t doubt the power of your ability.

If you choose to do it,

are willing to put in the work,

you can do it:

break down stereotypes,

forge new ground,

accomplish something beyond

what judgmental people

think is all you can be.

What’s your dream?  Fight for it.


poem- valley June 8, 2015

We’re nestled here between the hills

protected from the harsh winds

warm and basking by the lake.

But you are bored,

you’re ready to escape,

to see what lies beyond the valley

and so we wave farewell

knowing after adventure,

home calls the blood.


poem- accomplishments November 22, 2014

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The litany of what could be

is not as important as

what is now.

What was before

is not as important as

what is now.

For now is all

you ever have.


poem-Elizabeth October 31, 2014

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Your Snow White beauty

Is cut with a sharp edge of

Street smarts.

You’ve seen

Too much.


Will the visions

Scar your face with darkness,

Cigarette creases

And add black anger to your eyes,

Aging you with

Exponential bitterness?

Or will your words

Poured out upon a page

Erase the stresses

And sculpt your beauty

Into timelessness?


poem-ghosts October 13, 2014

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Of course ghosts are real

Haven’t you felt them

swirling about you

like leaves in the wind?

Memories that haunt

spinning through your head

with joys and sorrows

that have no place in




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It weaves around the sky

like jet streams tying ribbons

of air,

entangled trust

entwining wishes,

entrusting time

twisting you and me

into a braid

of mist.


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