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poem-moment June 15, 2016

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In a moment

everything she thought she’d be

was sliced away.

In a moment

simple expectations yielded

to new arrays.

In a moment

opportunity seized her hand

to her dismay.

In a moment

foolish disappointments

were child’s play.

In a moment

her entire future was pulled

onto a new pathway.



poem-because January 17, 2016

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I’m fond of flowers

bought because

today is worth celebrating;

they are lovely,

and you are captivating.

Unexpected joy does

blossom for hours.



poem-prepared August 9, 2015

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Lord Baden-Powell had it right when he advised the Scouts to Be Prepared

especially in summer paradises, the drop in visitors are far from rare.

But while the public zones might meet pass inspection

the bedrooms require some interjection and disinfection

Explosions of laundry piled in the guest room

Slow motion quandry to solve in a hurry

Hang up the phone, fly into a flurry

Hang up the clothes; Come we must hurry!

In just twenty minutes make this space habitable

for twenty minutes we must be indefatigable!

Make up the beds. Whip round the vacuum,

then answer the door bell crooning, “Good afternoon!”


poem- bigger January 20, 2015

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It was to be a small thing

a little something,

a useful token,

a stylish bibelot,

but it is a large thing

engendering greater



poem-lying September 21, 2014

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I wake

to feel you lying

stretched along

the length of me.

I reach out my hand

and find not flesh

but fur.

You have been replaced

by canine devotion.





This is an interesting example of ‘living poetry.’  People ask how I can come up with a poem every day, and I say I see them everywhere.  This morning, completely dazed with sleep, this happened, I muzzily composed this poem as I reflected on the surprise, and then fell back to sleep.  When I finally got up, there it was, ready to share.


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