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poem-tryst May 11, 2015

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He cries when you sees you,

low whimpers of delight.

His frailness is endearing

if it doesn’t keep you up at night.

He rubs his head against you

he murmurs adoration

When you scratch behind his ears

his tail waves in celebration.

His love is pure and when he looks

so deeply in your eyes

You know these daily trysts

will last until he dies.



(and if he’s as old as my boy is, that may not be as long as one would hope).



poem-lying September 21, 2014

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I wake

to feel you lying

stretched along

the length of me.

I reach out my hand

and find not flesh

but fur.

You have been replaced

by canine devotion.





This is an interesting example of ‘living poetry.’  People ask how I can come up with a poem every day, and I say I see them everywhere.  This morning, completely dazed with sleep, this happened, I muzzily composed this poem as I reflected on the surprise, and then fell back to sleep.  When I finally got up, there it was, ready to share.


poem- devotion May 24, 2014

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Your brown eyes

watch me with an intensity

of adoration that makes my heart glow.

Whenever I come home,

you greet me at the door,

quivering in delight.

You follow me throughout the house

set your head across my knees,

gaze longingly into my eyes.

I scratch your ears and you sigh,

with a satisfaction that trembles

up your spine.

“Such a good boy,” I say,

and your tail thumps

in lazy agreement.






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