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poem-puppy love August 5, 2016

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Wrapped around my leg

munching a clattering antler

fuzzy black love.



Puppies are so sweet when they’re not chewing your glasses or devouring a black ballpoint pen on your cream leather sofa…


Poem- GRATITUDE April 9, 2016

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It is lonely

Seeing ghosts of wagging tails

Dancing feet and twinkling eyes.

To remember joy made physical

Only because of my existence.

It is lonely

To catch the movements

From the corners of my eyes

Of furry bodies no longer present.

Grief is a hard, hard, hard burden.

But you,

Are lighter without the responsibility

Lighter with the freedom

Lighter  from the consequences.

Lighter with the isolation

That is not loneliness to you.

But oh,

It is to me,

And my heavy heart struggles

With this burden of grief.

Knowing you.  Knowing me.

Knowing the sacrifice you make

To bring some relief from grief,

To bring me a piece of joy again,

Wagging on the tip

of a tiny tail.




poem-tenaciousness March 11, 2016

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He walks with a personal cloud

dulling his world, blurring his perceptions.

Walling him in, between tendrils of fog

freezing him in place to avoid falling off the precipice.

Her arms are open with devotion and she calls to him,

but her voice bounces off rocks and mist.

Their mutual affections miss each other

in the haze, but both are sincere and will still be there

when the fog lifts

(or he goes over the cliff).



poem-tryst May 11, 2015

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He cries when you sees you,

low whimpers of delight.

His frailness is endearing

if it doesn’t keep you up at night.

He rubs his head against you

he murmurs adoration

When you scratch behind his ears

his tail waves in celebration.

His love is pure and when he looks

so deeply in your eyes

You know these daily trysts

will last until he dies.



(and if he’s as old as my boy is, that may not be as long as one would hope).



poem-either way October 29, 2014

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Your gift

My heart

Your time

My money

Your devotion

My desire

Either way





poem- devotion May 24, 2014

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Your brown eyes

watch me with an intensity

of adoration that makes my heart glow.

Whenever I come home,

you greet me at the door,

quivering in delight.

You follow me throughout the house

set your head across my knees,

gaze longingly into my eyes.

I scratch your ears and you sigh,

with a satisfaction that trembles

up your spine.

“Such a good boy,” I say,

and your tail thumps

in lazy agreement.






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