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poem-disembodied February 12, 2020

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Trees are ghost outlines,

frost coated.

Far off, along the lake, the train

hoots a melancholy call.

My feet crunch on a path

that was soft yesterday.

I cannot see the sun,

but it is there.

Perhaps things will be brighter




poem- fog December 11, 2019

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The fog is thick today

both hovering over the lake

and in my head,

rendering me slow-witted,



Does the lake feel the same?


poem-tenaciousness March 11, 2016

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He walks with a personal cloud

dulling his world, blurring his perceptions.

Walling him in, between tendrils of fog

freezing him in place to avoid falling off the precipice.

Her arms are open with devotion and she calls to him,

but her voice bounces off rocks and mist.

Their mutual affections miss each other

in the haze, but both are sincere and will still be there

when the fog lifts

(or he goes over the cliff).



poem- grey day January 14, 2016

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January is filmed

in black and white,

soft focus filter,

lots of white space.

Mist grows until

it fills the screen,

ready for the credits

to roll by.


poem-orb October 9, 2014

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A  huge silver orb is

suspended in the mist

and glistens on the lake.


it was all hazy, and the sun was a huge silver orb hanging in mist. I should start carrying my camera again.


poem- heaviness September 24, 2014

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The mist in the hills

weighs heavily on my heart

The wind through the valley

blows bleakly on my brain

The rain from the grey

drips doggedly on my dreams.




It’s only Wed, but I am exhausted!  I’m sure this soggy weather isn’t helping


Monday Meme in Newfoundland August 18, 2014

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The return of the Monday Meme!

On Facebook, one of my former students, all grown up and living in Newfoundland, posted this photo of her daughter  that just cries out to be a Monday Meme, and so, with her permission, now it is!

The rules:

  • You use this photo as a prompt for some writing.  Poem, story, memory, it doesn’t matter.
  • Copy the photo onto your site, leaving the text.
  • Link back to this post AND submit your link in the comments below.


While I post the photo on Mondays, you don’t have to post your writing on Mondays.  You can post whenever you choose.  If you enjoy this one, click ‘Monday Meme’ at right, and respond to any of the old posts.



poem- fiery eyes November 19, 2013

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Mist drifts on snowy mountains,

slash piles burning:

molten eyes in a ghostly face

glowing above us


kiss the sky March 15, 2013

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The fields are reaching

 misty fingers from the earth,

stretching to the sky.

Clouds descend, enfolding all

in their diaphanous cloaks.



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