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Monday Meme in Newfoundland August 18, 2014

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The return of the Monday Meme!

On Facebook, one of my former students, all grown up and living in Newfoundland, posted this photo of her daughter  that just cries out to be a Monday Meme, and so, with her permission, now it is!

The rules:

  • You use this photo as a prompt for some writing.  Poem, story, memory, it doesn’t matter.
  • Copy the photo onto your site, leaving the text.
  • Link back to this post AND submit your link in the comments below.


While I post the photo on Mondays, you don’t have to post your writing on Mondays.  You can post whenever you choose.  If you enjoy this one, click ‘Monday Meme’ at right, and respond to any of the old posts.



poetry or prose? April 2, 2013

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So what’s your preference?

The last few weeks I’ve had a focus on poetry on the blog, as a bit of an experiment.

Now that it’s National Poetry Month, in my typical contrary fashion, I will be switching to prose.

This is because I am participating in Camp NaNoWriMo this month.  Instead of the punishing 50,000 word goal of November’s event, Camp allows us to pick our own goals, and I’m going for 25k, which should be much more easily accomplished.  I will count blogs, articles, and fiction in one jumble of word count, and separate them out later.

My question is, what do you like to read here?  Do you prefer poetic ramblings, or commentary?  Do you like fiction samples or pings of other people’s amazing work?

I’m eclectic, but in the blog world, niches are good.  It’s easy for your audience if you’re consistent in your offerings.  It’s hard for me, because niches bore me.

Help me decide my direction and give me your opinon.  What is your favourite thing on


both ears to the ground November 23, 2012

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I appear to be moving through a bit of a fog the last few days, quite drained of energy.  Not sure why, but it’s brought my NaNo efforts (and apparently, also my blog entries) to a screaming halt.

Here’s a token for today, care of Ian Weir’s Daniel O’Thunder which is full of beautiful prose.

It’s to his friends he’s saying things.  He’s saying them in private, but of course nothing stays private for long, does it?  Not in the world we live in, no indeed.  And not when a man keeps his ears to the ground.  Both ears fixed firmly to the ground, Daniel, for this has always been my way.  Consecutively, of course, not simultaneously, which would involve an anatomical impossibility.  (p. 183)

Now, if I think about that, I’m sure I’d have something to say about privacy, humour in literature, narrative voice, or some such.  However, I really feel too blurry for any such contemplations.  Instead, why don’t you tell me what you think?  What does that quote make you ponder?


Not the one November 5, 2010

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A prose selection that’s been floating in my mind for quite some time………


     “Just how near-sighted are you?” she asked from the side of the pool.
     He laughed, as he leisurely moved his arms to keep himself upright in the deep water, “Very.”
     She slipped into the water while she watched him. About 8 feet away, she pulled up. “Can you see me here?”
     He shook his head, “Nope. You’re just grey fuzz.”
     She swam a few feet closer. “Here?”
     “Nope.”  His voice had changed subtly.  There was a timbre behind it that drew her.
     She moved in again. “Here?” Her heart was beginning to pound.
     He whispered this time. “No.”
     She blushed in the cool water as she swam even closer. Their eyes were less than a foot apart now.   Their lips were less than a foot apart.  Inches.  She could see the creases, and followed his tongue as it licked across the bottom lip.
    She swallowed and murmured, “Here?”
    He stared into her eyes as his lips curled into a slow sultry smile. “Well, you’re almost clear there.”
   She gazed into his eyes, paddling her arms gently back and forth, her heart pounding in her ears at his invitation.  She felt her life unfolding before her in the depths of his eyes. Would it be?
   Time stood still as he waited, smiling with the challenge.  The gauntlet was  thrown. 
   Time was frozen as she waited, feeling for her future, wondering.
   And suddenly, it was clear.  

   Driving the heel of her hand across the surface of the water she splashed a wave into his face, then dived past him as he reached, laughing, to grab her.
   She swam away from him, beneath the surface of her dream, deep in the water of a new choice.  She was bidding farewell to the dreams that had haunted her.  Dreams that would probably haunt her forever.  Dreams are not reality. 

   He was not The One after all.

Technically, this isn’t about Grace & Ben although I’ve linked it to other writings about them.  It fits with the theme of Grace Awakening although it doesn’t fit into the plot.  Ben is definitely The One, so this could be Marco or Alex?  It’s a little closer to the Bright and Umed narrative, though of course, they would never have been swimming together.  Whatever it is, it’s a slice of life moment when destiny is looking you right in the eyes, and you know that the decision you make will irrevocably rearrange the rest of your life.  You have to stare deeply into the mists and decide if this is the future you choose.

It’s kind of profound when it happens to you.


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