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both ears to the ground November 23, 2012

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I appear to be moving through a bit of a fog the last few days, quite drained of energy.  Not sure why, but it’s brought my NaNo efforts (and apparently, also my blog entries) to a screaming halt.

Here’s a token for today, care of Ian Weir’s Daniel O’Thunder which is full of beautiful prose.

It’s to his friends he’s saying things.  He’s saying them in private, but of course nothing stays private for long, does it?  Not in the world we live in, no indeed.  And not when a man keeps his ears to the ground.  Both ears fixed firmly to the ground, Daniel, for this has always been my way.  Consecutively, of course, not simultaneously, which would involve an anatomical impossibility.  (p. 183)

Now, if I think about that, I’m sure I’d have something to say about privacy, humour in literature, narrative voice, or some such.  However, I really feel too blurry for any such contemplations.  Instead, why don’t you tell me what you think?  What does that quote make you ponder?


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