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poem- drifting December 10, 2018

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Snow flakes drift by,

washing the world white.

Cold drips down my neck,

scarf scratching,

steps slipping,

breath billows in small clouds,

miniature factories.

Trudge through the flakes

filling the sky,

painting a picture of

a world wiped clean.




poem-falling November 21, 2018

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Snow is falling by the window:








Everything is possible;

you don’t need to know.

Just rest at the window,

watch the snow.



poem-first snow November 9, 2018

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Grey morning:

sky falls in fragile pieces

past my window,


white clouds upon the ground.

This morning

I can touch the sky.

Cold comfort.


poem- dusting December 1, 2017

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Falling from the sky

in perfect crystals,

dusting trees, fields, and me

with peace of the season.


Falling through the screen,

pixilated dots

dusting poetry

with peace of the season.


(Every year on Dec 1, it begins to snow on my blog.  It makes me ridiculously happy every time!  If you would like snow to fall in your blog, add it in your settings.)



poem- ominous February 7, 2017

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The sky could not be bluer

turquoise and ocean and bright summer day

captured on the snow piled like icing on the trees,

but on the horizon

a wall of charcoal grey

hints at a blizzard on its way.

I watch through the window and hope

I’m home before it hits.


poem- waiting February 3, 2017

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The ground hog said spring was coming

but the snow falling outside my window

begs to differ.


poem-promise December 3, 2016

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Snow hugs the hills and

draping lower with slow purpose.

Flakes flip and fall, settle for a moment

Their white crystals paradoxically painting pavement black.

Winter is coming closer with every flake.


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