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poem- work party October 23, 2018

Squirrel boss curses

clumsy workers as chestnuts

clatter past branches.


Class assignment:

Find an example of





Find 2 examples of consonance.

Go! 🙂




poem- golden October 19, 2016

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We wind through shadows

shimmering within touching distance of cloud,

and you appear,

golden valley

illuminated like a glimpse of heaven,

glistening beauty in the morning glow.

Shadows driven away,

by hope for this new day.


poem- late bloomer September 26, 2016

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Autumn is here

Trees are red tipped or golden.

Mornings are frosty.

And finally the cosmos,

three feet high green lace,

is budding.

A slow universe,

taking its time to unfold

summer pink blooms

on my porch.

Autumn is here,


better late




poem- W September 14, 2016

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Geese trying a new vocabulary

fly in W formation

I wonder

what will winter wind

waft or wallop  webbed wonders

wandering west and south along waterways?


poem- wild geese November 8, 2015

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In half a V,

a line of five geese flies to the lake.

Moments later,

another half, line of eight

flies from the lake.

I’m waiting for the perfect V of twenty

or thirty birds, but times have changed

and half the flock

must choose to take the bus

these days, or perhaps, to walk.


poem-changes October 11, 2015

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The rain has stopped

Thunder in October?

The world has changed.

The wind blows off the dead,

flings pieces of forest in a mad dance

to burial & rebirth.


poem- autumn urges October 10, 2015

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This melancholy restlessness

is your annual autumnal journeying urges,

your need for novelty and new scenery,

but your soul’s longing will not be resolved

at the auto auction.



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