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poem-all goes old October 3, 2022

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The weather’s turned and now it’s fall
We’re buying school things at the mall
Weather reports show storms and squalls
And that is all. And that is all.

The summer stories have been told
The hills transformed are oh so bold
The trees have turned to red and gold.
The year is old. The year is old.

Too soon we’ll see blankets of snow.
The temperatures will drop quite low.
We’ll need a fire to thaw our toes.
So a year goes. So a year goes.



This is a MONOTETRA poem. (1-4. mono= one for the rhyme, tetra=for the four lines)
8 syllable quatrains in AAAA rhyme scheme, with the fourth line in each stanza repeating 4 syllables.


poem- changes September 28, 2022

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Trust is broken

Sunshine days form golden hues

Begin new season



This is a Collom lune, a triplet poem with lines of 3, 5, 3 words.


poem- late bloomer September 26, 2016

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Autumn is here

Trees are red tipped or golden.

Mornings are frosty.

And finally the cosmos,

three feet high green lace,

is budding.

A slow universe,

taking its time to unfold

summer pink blooms

on my porch.

Autumn is here,


better late




poem-return February 26, 2016

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Two geese fly

over the lake

bringing spring

with each flap

of their wings.


poem-seeds January 1, 2016

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We are planted

with potentiality;

white blanketed rest bids us wait

until spring gives us the urge to rise

to skies and find our fate.



poem-fakery December 19, 2015

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We’ve decorated the artificial tree

The fire crackles on the TV

Holiday cards show everyone happy

People gather smiling gleefully

to celebrate festivities

and it all feels like fakery.


If this is meant to be

a season all about peace,

then let me sit here quietly

alone but for fictional company

the only sound, fire crackling,

and I will celebrate contentedly,

avoiding family and all their expectation of responsibility.



I am an extrovert and I generally love being out with people, but when I’m under a lot of stress, all I want to do is sit in heated comfort by myself, and spend time in the company of book friends.  All the obligatory holiday hoopla just makes me grumpy and anti-social, particularly with my dad passing away this summer and my mother suffering a serious stroke a couple of weeks ago.  



poem-sniffle December 10, 2015

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Congested nose

a sniff, a sneeze

and then a cough.

Pass a tissue, please?


poem- drop August 14, 2014

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The dogs collapse

in hot heaps.

Summer’s simmering

settles into evening

breeze, but

the sun drops

ever earlier,

and autumn calls.


poem- march away! March 5, 2014

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heavily through spring.




and take

all this falling snow

with you.



Heavy snow today, making the highway treacherous.  Fun drive to work.  We’re ready for less white and more warmth in the air!


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