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Poem-Weed June 4, 2017

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What’s the difference

between a weed and a flower?

It’s an old one

and a new one.

A blue bell, dandelion yellow one.

A weed

is flower seeding in an inconvenient place.

It just takes its space to put down roots.

It stretches its sights to the sky.

A weed has petals for joy,

nectar for bees,

and pollen for sneezes.

A weed is a flower in an inconvenient place,

Weed is just a label.

It doesn’t alter the beauty, the scent, or the colour.

Flower is just a snooty torment of summer name games.

Let the flowers be free!

Let their promise fly like weeds on the breeze!

Let’s be free of our labels,

be enabled

to bloom through the gloom.

What’s the difference between a weed and a flower?





(With thanks to Sheri D Wilson who asked the question, and Blu Hopkins who offered an old line)


poem- late bloomer September 26, 2016

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Autumn is here

Trees are red tipped or golden.

Mornings are frosty.

And finally the cosmos,

three feet high green lace,

is budding.

A slow universe,

taking its time to unfold

summer pink blooms

on my porch.

Autumn is here,


better late




poem-bursting July 12, 2014

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she was a closed bud


she’s burst into pink frills

dusted with yellow

streaked with purple.


she may fade

but today

she is a glory.


micropoem- illicit scent June 22, 2014

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The perfume from

these stolen peonies

seems extra sweet.




(Lest you think I stalk the neighbourhood, masked, with scissors in hand looking for floral victims: the peonies in question were bending onto my driveway from a peony bush in a bed so overgrown I don’t think the neighbours even know the bush is there!).


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