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Poem-Weed June 4, 2017

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What’s the difference

between a weed and a flower?

It’s an old one

and a new one.

A blue bell, dandelion yellow one.

A weed

is flower seeding in an inconvenient place.

It just takes its space to put down roots.

It stretches its sights to the sky.

A weed has petals for joy,

nectar for bees,

and pollen for sneezes.

A weed is a flower in an inconvenient place,

Weed is just a label.

It doesn’t alter the beauty, the scent, or the colour.

Flower is just a snooty torment of summer name games.

Let the flowers be free!

Let their promise fly like weeds on the breeze!

Let’s be free of our labels,

be enabled

to bloom through the gloom.

What’s the difference between a weed and a flower?





(With thanks to Sheri D Wilson who asked the question, and Blu Hopkins who offered an old line)


9 Responses to “Poem-Weed”

  1. I landscape and cull, so as to give the flowering plants room to grow, and breathe. Too many living things in one place, crowd each other out.

  2. My sentiments exactly!

  3. Someone told me that God gives us wonderful plants that need no care and grow everywhere. We call God’s easy maintenance plants “weeds,’ and then either poison them or yank them out of the ground. Then we plant other things that need constant watering, fertilizer, and all kinds of special treatment and care–just to survive. Yep. God was trying to make it easy on us, and we made it hard.

  4. simonfalk28 Says:

    This is lovely, Shawn.

  5. colonialist Says:

    Indeed. The Horticultural Society teaches that a weed is a plant in the wrong place, either from the point of view of the gardener or from the point of view of the ecology. Just the sentiments of your poem!

  6. Love the feeling of this..
    People-weeds; it’s all in how you see the universe.

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