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poem- Worshipping anger April 15, 2019

Your pain bursts out the barrel of a gun

punches holes through community

explodes small town security.

Neutrality’s a liar.

And in world news:

Notre-Dame Cathedral is on fire.



My own photo, detail around the main entrance of Notre-Dame. Paris, 2011.


My own photo. Notre-Dame tower details. Paris. 2010


A poem should stand on its own merits, but I feel like a bit of clarification this time.  There was a shooting in my small, Canadian town yesterday.  Two people were shot in their church; one died. Our community has been reeling from this shock, and now another tragedy.  The loss of life. The loss of a building.  Can you compare the two?


poem- dusting December 1, 2017

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Falling from the sky

in perfect crystals,

dusting trees, fields, and me

with peace of the season.


Falling through the screen,

pixilated dots

dusting poetry

with peace of the season.


(Every year on Dec 1, it begins to snow on my blog.  It makes me ridiculously happy every time!  If you would like snow to fall in your blog, add it in your settings.)



poem- heaviness September 24, 2014

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The mist in the hills

weighs heavily on my heart

The wind through the valley

blows bleakly on my brain

The rain from the grey

drips doggedly on my dreams.




It’s only Wed, but I am exhausted!  I’m sure this soggy weather isn’t helping


poem- tug me May 23, 2014

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The tiny vessel

zips around the floating logs

pushing them here and there.

Sorting them.

Guiding them to the mill piles.

Leading them to lumbering destiny.

And you,

zip around me

pushing me into order

sorting out my messes

guiding me to better decisions

leading into our future.


poem- sign May 22, 2014

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Out front the high school

Each morning,

A man stands,

Bearing above his head a

One word pronouncement.

Watching parents leaving

Their children,

Teachers driving in,

He tilts his sign to catch

All eyes.

Morning after morning:


Each day I ponder

His cryptic word.

Is it protest

or encouragement?

Prayer ?

for kids

   to be attentive?

   to do their homework?

   to embrace their learning opportunity?

   to have supportive homes?

Prayer for staff

   to be patient?

   to be available?

   to see what needs to be seen?

   to do what needs to be done?

It’s not such a terrible reminder,

for anyone,

whatever the motivation.


poem- alteration May 21, 2014

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It begins

in awe

a stunned staring

with a grin that expands

from mouth to feet

’til even toes are smiling

with delight.

It grows

in time

as kindly sharing

expands experience

from then to now

’til familiarity leads

to comfort.

It rests

in fondness

warm embraces

transcending miles and

knowing paths will cross




Poem-Okanagan Mountain Fire evacuation, August 2003 July 19, 2013

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Shawn L. Bird

This was my second entry on the theme of fire for the Burnaby Writers Society poetry contest. One more month until winners are announced.  I played around with stanza parallelism here, sometimes using strict rhyme, sometimes consonance.  I had never seen this done before, so I was impressed with how well it worked.


Okanagan Mountain Fire evacuation, August 2003


A crimson hill glows above.
High from here, grey clouded skies
shower us in ghosts of pine needles
that dissolve at my touch
into powdered ashes,
while I load the van with memories.


Glisten, fill, flow out of,
My father’s grave, clouded eyes.
Cowering and aghast in pain, he huddles
and revolves as he’s nudged,
disempowered, ashen.
While I lead the man, his tremors ease.



This poem was linked to the Poetry Potluck on the theme of history and events.  If you are visiting…

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