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poem- Worshipping anger April 15, 2019

Your pain bursts out the barrel of a gun

punches holes through community

explodes small town security.

Neutrality’s a liar.

And in world news:

Notre-Dame Cathedral is on fire.



My own photo, detail around the main entrance of Notre-Dame. Paris, 2011.


My own photo. Notre-Dame tower details. Paris. 2010


A poem should stand on its own merits, but I feel like a bit of clarification this time.  There was a shooting in my small, Canadian town yesterday.  Two people were shot in their church; one died. Our community has been reeling from this shock, and now another tragedy.  The loss of life. The loss of a building.  Can you compare the two?


25 Responses to “poem- Worshipping anger”

  1. An international treasure destroyed……a tremendous loss.

  2. You put into words what I have not been able to come up with yet.

    I’m glad you stopped by. I used to follow you, but with that WP glitch you and many others vanished.

  3. Val Theroux Says:

    All tragedies!! I mourn with the collective.

  4. LesleyFerguson Says:

    Your poem is very eioquent. It expresses what I’m feeling in a very few words. Thanks for this.

  5. syl65 Says:

    The world is in chaos. You cannot bring back a lost life. Tragedy all around.

  6. sandymancan Says:

    It is the conflict within human nature springing forth the gifts and tragedies within the human mind, pleasuring and punishing mankind.

  7. A Human life is more valuable than a building. One can be reconstructed while the other is gone forever.
    Mass shootings are so ingrained into American culture that it is considered the norm. Before I retired from being a Museum Security Officer I received active shooter training. The Security Manager gave us three choices: Run. Hide. Fight. Since we were not armed the first two choices offered best opportunity to stay alive. And Yes it is normal to be physically threatened or attacked by other employees or Museum visitors. After I spent time in the emergency room last due to a head injury I put in for early retirement and left. Violence has become a way of life in the United States.

    • In the United States, yes, but NOT here in Canada. We look south and are appalled. I can’t imagine a scenario where being a MUSEUM GUARD one expects to be attacked, by outside forces is one thing, but by OTHER EMPLOYEES?! I have no words.

      • It was a common occurrence which was covered up. Younger women tended to leave. I fought back until I had the age and years in service requirements. Before I left one staff guy told me that he was going beat me up. I reported him. Yes he lives in my neighborhood but trust me when I say that if he tries putting hands on me that will be the last thing he ever does.

        That four years I spent in the U.S. Army helped me survive that job. For me this was an every day thing either for myself or other women. However I know how to defend myself for the most part.

        All this happened on the Upper East Side. The Gold Coast of New York City. Crazy is everywhere and nothing really shocks or surprises me anymore. The American government does not give a rat’s a$$ about the People.

  8. lifecameos Says:

    Both are huge tragedies in different ways I do not have words to express that, but I feel for you all. Here in New Zealand we have hundreds of Muslims still reeling from a horrific mass shooting while they were praying in their mosque. Our population is split with many supporting them, while the other sector of the same population continues to harass and taunt them. How do humans do this to each other ?

    • Ignorance and fear are the why for your situation. I think pain and anger are the root of the events here.

      • Lazarus Shatipamba Says:

        Well said. I’m curious to know what you think we can do collectively as the human race to win this war of being slaves to our emotions(anger,pain)?

      • Education. Valuing intellect. So- government should stop funding sports and wars, and instead promote scientific research, learning, and international travel. Anyone who travels doesn’t fall for the ‘evil other’ nonsense.

      • lifecameos Says:

        So horrible when any of these lead to killing other human beings.

  9. Lazarus Shatipamba Says:

    An eloquent short piece, love it. I feel like the loss of human life is a tragedy as life can never be restored. Although one certainly cannot compare this loss to that of a building, i do think that the loss of a building should not be taken lightly; especially if its a church.

  10. The shooting in your community hits close to home. While an architectural achievement was heavily damaged in France, the loss of a life is much more precious. My prayers are with so many people where you live.

  11. Lazarus Shatipamba Says:

    As a sports fanatic the idea of government not funding sports does not sit too well with me, but i understand that it promotes competition; perhaps increasing our sense of individuality. There’s definitely always value in investing in education and research.

    • I speak more to the millions earned by professional athletes who chase a ball or puck, when scientists and artists who actually contribute something to society have to beg for funding. Also colleges that award teen-agers who chase balls and pucks with scholarships, when so many others, with ‘stronger academic ability’ (shall we say) are left lacking. It makes no sense. If artists and musicians are expected to entertain for the love of it, let athletes do so, as well.

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