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poem- dusting December 1, 2017

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Falling from the sky

in perfect crystals,

dusting trees, fields, and me

with peace of the season.


Falling through the screen,

pixilated dots

dusting poetry

with peace of the season.


(Every year on Dec 1, it begins to snow on my blog.  It makes me ridiculously happy every time!  If you would like snow to fall in your blog, add it in your settings.)



8 Responses to “poem- dusting”

  1. kiwinana Says:

    Thanks for the heads up about snow falling on our blog, I saw it on a few blogs, but didn’t know what to do about it. I remember we had it last year. Now I have snow falling on my blog, It feels like Christmas. Cheers

  2. prior.. Says:

    I like the snow feature on some blogs too – and it does add a nice vibe to your poetry at this time. 🙂

    “dusting trees, fields, and me”
    Happy December to you Shawn

  3. In this year of extended summer, may you, at least, enjoy the beauty of snow, without so much of its depredations.

  4. tolbert Says:

    “ridiculously happy” is better than flaky…very cute.

  5. JMN Says:

    Lovely thoughts on snow…I could picture the beauty and peace of the season!
    Poetry always intrigues and brings peace to me!

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