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poem- alteration May 21, 2014

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It begins

in awe

a stunned staring

with a grin that expands

from mouth to feet

’til even toes are smiling

with delight.

It grows

in time

as kindly sharing

expands experience

from then to now

’til familiarity leads

to comfort.

It rests

in fondness

warm embraces

transcending miles and

knowing paths will cross




8 Responses to “poem- alteration”

  1. Rajiv Says:

    I especially like the imagery of the smiling toes!

  2. Melody J Haislip Says:

    It sounds like the perfect progression of my friendship with my BFF. Lovely, Shawn.

  3. Immortal Illusion Says:

    Reblogged this on Immortal Illusion and commented:

  4. Joseph Hesch Says:

    For a guy who uses language for a business, this will sound quite lame, but this poem left me with a feeling of warm comfort. That’s how I can describe it. Warm bath, soft hug, effortlessly peaceful mien.

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