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poem- first September 23, 2015

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Happy birthday, you said

bending over to kiss my cheek.

And with my fluttering heart and flaming blush

I decided that was my first kiss,

that all the others did not count.

Because I wanted my first kiss to come from you,

my heart believed it had.


poem- ghosts November 9, 2014

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You were


letter by letter,

word by word,

phrase by phrase,

sentence by sentence,

paragraph by paragraph,

page by page,

chapter by chapter.

Now you are

merely a spectre

who peeks around corners

whispers at my ear

hums for my remembrance.

My only benediction

on the lost boy

from long ago

is the bittersweet smile

and the faraway glimmer

in my eyes.


poem- alteration May 21, 2014

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It begins

in awe

a stunned staring

with a grin that expands

from mouth to feet

’til even toes are smiling

with delight.

It grows

in time

as kindly sharing

expands experience

from then to now

’til familiarity leads

to comfort.

It rests

in fondness

warm embraces

transcending miles and

knowing paths will cross




poem- honey January 8, 2014


are ancient honey,

immutable in memory.


Floating on your laughter

I could touch stars.


The world was rose pink

with my yearning.


A sunrise through spectacles,

song rising on dawn,

desire enfolded in dream,

I wore innocence.


Your sweet kisses

colour my cheeks

in memory.


poem- Adrian October 20, 2013

Adrian, muscles rippling

and  glistening from summer sun,

as the girls grip

their nails in their fists, wishing.

Adrian, head emerging from car engine

wringing greasy hands,

and grinning a greeting,

reaching for his shirt,

as the girls glide in, sniffing;

whiffing at pheromones

that hint of moaning, groaning


Good girls watching as

Adrian gets ready

for Bible study.


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