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poem- didn’t say July 9, 2019

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He didn’t say it.

Not on the day

or the day after, when he used to remember.

No more embers. glowing.

Not hanging on the threads anymore, I just realized.

How strange when forever

truly dies.


poem- honestly February 15, 2019

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If I were being honest,

(truth hurts, my love)

I’d say that while the quotidien care

powers an appreciative couplehood,

sometimes cares require more than chores.

Sometimes, it needs a hug (you first)

or cooking a meal (with vegetables) and setting candles on the table.

Sometimes it means holding hands instead of striding ahead,

and no sighs of impatience or vibrations of irritation.

(Yes. We feel those, when you’re pretending, and it spoils the effort).

Sometimes your diligence with household chores is enough to know you care,

but sometimes

we need more.




poem- missed August 25, 2018

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Your eyes glow

when you see me across the room.

It’s been a long time.

You’re still wearing your heart

on your arm.

Once again,

I feel appreciation for your admiration,

awkward it’s still unrequited.

Oh, the confusion of my youthful charms.

Thank you, for

reminding me

so sweetly

who I used to be.


poem-Wednesday September 13, 2017

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I woke to my alarm’s

jaunty greeting, lay lulled, wondering where you were,

until I found the sense of you, pressed against my shoulder blades.

I lay, enjoying the warm weight of you,

until the alarm started up again.

It meant it this time.

So, regretfully,

I pulled away from you,

buried my face in your warm belly,

said farewell as you stretched and smiled up at me.

Wednesday will be a long day apart,

but I will return,

and you’ll be waiting,





(a little homage to my canine companion!)



poem- alteration April 5, 2016

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Love is not love

if it alters when alteration finds

It is an ever fixed mark, said Shakespeare.

Constancy is a quality of mind

that removes sparks of fear.

Love is love

when the word can be relied

upon and expressions of affection

will be supplied, for

faithfulness in word and deed

is the essence of true love’s need.



poem- gentle October 27, 2015

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In your gentle embrace

everything that overwhelms

is erased.


poem-dedicated July 27, 2015

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This is for you

across miles



a message to the masses

A heart hung on electrical wires

or floating on the wifi waves

thinking of you.





Thinking about these memories.


poem-crept December 2, 2014

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Quiet crept

through rustling leaves,

soft snowfall.

Quiet crept

through murmurs heard

under our hearts.

Quiet crept

through gentle touches

sweet sighs.

Quiet crept

through me

to you.


poem- ghosts November 9, 2014

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You were


letter by letter,

word by word,

phrase by phrase,

sentence by sentence,

paragraph by paragraph,

page by page,

chapter by chapter.

Now you are

merely a spectre

who peeks around corners

whispers at my ear

hums for my remembrance.

My only benediction

on the lost boy

from long ago

is the bittersweet smile

and the faraway glimmer

in my eyes.


poem- returning September 22, 2014

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I tried to

return your letters


but they are

still here,

and the hurt

in your voice

still echoes,

when I unfold



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