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poem- honestly February 15, 2019

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If I were being honest,

(truth hurts, my love)

I’d say that while the quotidien care

powers an appreciative couplehood,

sometimes cares require more than chores.

Sometimes, it needs a hug (you first)

or cooking a meal (with vegetables) and setting candles on the table.

Sometimes it means holding hands instead of striding ahead,

and no sighs of impatience or vibrations of irritation.

(Yes. We feel those, when you’re pretending, and it spoils the effort).

Sometimes your diligence with household chores is enough to know you care,

but sometimes

we need more.




poem- wishes February 17, 2014

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The togetherness

stretched between

man-cave and girl-zone,

in dutiful words

and sharing kisses on the stairs.

The silences

listen for the echoes

of footfalls

and wonder

what togetherness



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