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poem-split September 18, 2022

Broken heart,
How has this child crushed hope,
Torn relationship apart?

You’re a ghost.
They don’t give a damn these days;
Occasional text at most.

Maybe time
will heal whatever lies here,
Give grace, pass this pantomime.

This is a treochair poem. The triplet stanzas have an ABA rhyme scheme, a 3, 7, 7 syllable count, and alliteration.


poem-then November 20, 2018

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When was the moment

that ‘we’ broke apart?

Or did it just wear away?

All those things in common,

yet nothing holds together.

I rocked you in my arms

dreamed of all you’d be.

Never did I imagine you’d be

without me.

Why did you turn away?

We gave you space to grow

and now we don’t know

if loneliness is the price we pay,

when children make their way,

break their way,

wear away.



poem-farewell February 17, 2016

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It is not there

the farewell that

lingers upon lips.

Your dawn departure

is made in stealth.

She wakes without the

warmth of your breath

resting with gentle touch

upon her cheek.

You’ve left; yet another

morning she finds herself



poem-wear January 8, 2016

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Remember how you’d mock him

tell us his weaknesses, laugh about him.

Remember how you voiced your petty irritations

in every letter or conversation?

He would never utter a word against you,

as you wore him down, year after year.

Water on stone.  Cutting through bedrock.

And now she writes constant words of joy in him,

gushes over him like a waterfall,

and he pools around her with pleasure.

It’s a relief to see his happiness, someone appreciating him.

I watch and wonder whether you wish you’d chosen

better words, or whether you savour being alone?




I could have written this about so many people I know or know of.  It’s such a common pattern.   One sows seeds of one’s own destruction.


haiku- longing July 9, 2015

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When I think of you,

Longing rises in me like weeping.

This must be love


poem-distress signal March 10, 2015

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WOOF wooooof!





My 15 year old standard poodle is still unable to manage alone after we had to put down our 16.5 year old miniature poodle last month.  We now allow him to sleep in our bedroom. Last night, after he’d been pacing and whimpering from 1:30 to 2 a.m. (post snack and pee-break) I actually got out of bed to lie beside him on the floor for 20 minutes until he settled.  I’m not sure if that’s enabling, but we were all able to sleep afterwards.  A visit to the vet this week, and a trip to his favourite kennel master next week, and I have hopes that perhaps he’ll be able to cope soon.  The mourning process is a challenge for us all.


poem-anxious sovereignty March 4, 2015

You and I are independent souls.

I move through the house;

You rest comfortably in contented sovereignty.

You do not need to dog my heels

to glorify each moment at my side

or expect me to worship at your feet.

You ignore me for hours,

sleeping in peaceful, self-sufficiency.

We are independent souls,

until the moment I step outside the door,

and calamity explodes in barks and whines.

It pants, scratches, and pees displeasure

at this, your desperate circumstance,

wailing at the injustice of loneliness,

vomiting up fathomless grief.

For the hours I am present, I do not exist;

for the hour I am absent, I make your world

a cavernous void.

Dog ironies

amid anxieties.



OJ is not doing well since Dusty went to the Rainbow Bridge.   We’ve tried swaddling as per Thundershirt.  We’ve got the Rescue Remedy.  He’s in his safe, contained space.  We fill the Kong with goodness.  Still the dog thinks the world is ending when I walk out the door.  Got any other suggestions?  Except a new dog companion.  Hubby imagines a dog-free household in our near future.  (I’m allergic to cats, so that’s not an option either).


poem- wishes February 17, 2014

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The togetherness

stretched between

man-cave and girl-zone,

in dutiful words

and sharing kisses on the stairs.

The silences

listen for the echoes

of footfalls

and wonder

what togetherness



poem- mother December 28, 2013

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He said

his mother was dead,

because the gulf

between them

was wide with guilt

and jumping it

was beyond

their capability.

She said

her son was lost

because his choices

marooned him

on an island of his own making

and would not let

anyone in.

They said

their journeys

were in opposite directions

but eventually,

on the other side of the world,

they’re bound to intersect.


poem- distance does not change the feelings September 26, 2013

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The distance does not change the feelings.

the reeling,


squealing of my soul,

no longer whole.

The space between us stretches

and in the distance you grow small

and old,

But time has folds

in dreams I hold

you close

My soul finds healing.

Though space and time change feelings,

you haven’t changed at all.

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