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poem-distress signal March 10, 2015

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WOOF wooooof!





My 15 year old standard poodle is still unable to manage alone after we had to put down our 16.5 year old miniature poodle last month.  We now allow him to sleep in our bedroom. Last night, after he’d been pacing and whimpering from 1:30 to 2 a.m. (post snack and pee-break) I actually got out of bed to lie beside him on the floor for 20 minutes until he settled.  I’m not sure if that’s enabling, but we were all able to sleep afterwards.  A visit to the vet this week, and a trip to his favourite kennel master next week, and I have hopes that perhaps he’ll be able to cope soon.  The mourning process is a challenge for us all.


23 Responses to “poem-distress signal”

  1. narble Says:

    Broken hearts take time to heal.

  2. Heartafire Says:

    My little Boston sleeps at the foot of my bed, I love that dog so much. My heart aches for you, losing your pet, they are like children after a while. So sorry, hope the little one calms down soon.

    • He’s not so little, at 25″ at the shoulder, but I hope he calms down soon, too. :-/ (At the moment he looks like a bear rug. If only he slept so soundly at 2 a.m.!)

      • Heartafire Says:

        that’s so sweet that you laid down with him, they do love us unconditionally , I think that works both ways 🙂

  3. murrsma Says:

    After 11 years together ( they were litter mates) we lost our female to cancer, her brother grieved her for 2 months and now a year later he remains a needy boy..losses affect them more than we realize…I am sorry for the loss you all feel…

  4. Rich Proctor Says:

    It hurts my heart to read this. Sorry for you and your brokenhearted pup. I hope healing comes quickly.

  5. I read somewhere Life Is Better With a Poodle 🙂 May god give you the strength to face this hard time but don’t worry
    be happy & take care of that buddy. Average lifespan of poodle is 18-20 years. Beautiful creatures, keep calm & hug your poodle, lets pray everything gonna be all right & i’m sorry to say such thing but give him company because these creatures gain strength when feel company & also loose if left alone. I like the line most you have written above that you actually got out of bed to lie beside him on the floor for 20 minutes until he settled & also make me cry a little, that revive some of my old memories. Thank you.

    • Life spans depend on the size of the poodle. Toys or minis may reach 18 if they’re lucky, but a standard is a large breed, and OJ has already passed his parents’ ages. If we have another year that will be a blessing, I doubt we’ll have two, though he is in good health, aside from his current mental health issues!

      • Oh sorry!!! & thank you for correcting me i don’t know that OJ is large size, Yes you are right that life-span of small size dogs is greater than large breed. We can only hope for the best.

  6. kiwiskan Says:

    poor wee thing…

  7. simono1968 Says:

    bless, its never easy 😦

  8. J.R.Goldrich Says:

    My heart goes out to both of you. Whether canine or human, when grieving, the power of words lies in their energy and sound… the release of woof, whimper, whine and cry…the power of words lies in the process of expressing… the release of word, sentence, paragraph. Words, whether canine or human, become repeated mantras, intended as prayers. May you both find comfort from each other’s presence, from each other’s touch, from the mutual searching for a way of saying of “Goodbye.”

  9. Grief takes what it takes- from some, it takes more than from others.

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