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poem-valediction September 16, 2016

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She wakes to the empty house

searching room by room for traces.

Has he gone?

But surely before such a journey

there would some formal leave taking?

A kiss?

A note?

He slipped away without a word,

and she is left bereft,

wondering why he finds it so easy to leave her,

wondering if she’s been devalued like  Greek currency

or Bre-X stock.

No gold to mine after all.

Every couple crafts their own normal.

What’s familiar is what’s all right,

except when it’s not.

Being alone

Being lonely

There will always be too many cracks for

that broken pot to hold water;

it’s fine for bread,

though you

can’t live on bread alone.

Traces of something else,

gold veins of nourishment

are drawn with gestures

too easily forgotten,

so driving away is as simple a turning the key,

not as complicated as farewell.




poem-far November 22, 2015

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As snow creeps down the mountain

I thread through the maze and take to the skies.

I’m only leaving you for a few days,

but my sighs reflect how bereft it is

to be on my own, far from the one who

makes my heart beat.

Far from you.




poem- journey November 23, 2014

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Snow falling

dancing white specks

journeys from heaven

quickly absorbed

in mundane.


Plane flying

leaving white trails

journey from you

quickly absorbed

in fast lanes


poem- journeys October 6, 2014

Like a stone on the beach

she picked him up,

and took him home.

He filled her with new life,

and they held companionable

hands, two became four.

Beneath the bubble,  

Poisons devoured him in relentless nibbles,

and the doctor said his only hope

was a healing journey

to a new way of life.

But toward,

is also away,

and children waved good-bye

to their skipping stone,

who crossed an ocean and

disappeared into time.



poem- you in a crowd October 3, 2013

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I see you

in the distance

across a roomful of heads,

tall and silent

watching them with a

pleasant blankness-

a smile that turns your mouth

but doesn’t light your eyes.

You stand above


listening without interest,

putting in the time

required for politeness.

My eyes call to you

and you turn,

one eyebrow raises a greeting

and your lips rise with it,

I see the flash of gladness,

as you incline your head

and step toward my love.


poem- distance does not change the feelings September 26, 2013

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The distance does not change the feelings.

the reeling,


squealing of my soul,

no longer whole.

The space between us stretches

and in the distance you grow small

and old,

But time has folds

in dreams I hold

you close

My soul finds healing.

Though space and time change feelings,

you haven’t changed at all.

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