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poem-brisk March 15, 2016

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My nostrils are bitten

by the brisk scent of pine,

invigorating, enervating in the rain.

I follow my nose

to two freshly felled stumps

and marvel that death can smell

so very much alive.


poem-temptation September 27, 2015

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Your chocolate eyes are caramel today

I want to savour your gaze,

feel its sweetness

against the bitter cocoa bite,

butterscotch touch upon my tongue

your vision devouring me in turn.





poem-new March 1, 2015

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The birds return

set sights on sites and sing

in fervor with that mating thing

You take to the road

push pedals for a hundred k

while I wait for petals,

seek something to say

and all of these are just the way

we mark each new spring.

Me.  You.  New.




POETS! You are cordially invited to contribute an original poem or link to Today’s exploration- POEMS OF PLACE.  Please feel free to comment instead, about your environment and how it contributes to your writing.


poem-handsome July 17, 2014

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G r e e n    e y e s,

h o l d   m y    h e a r t

t i g h t l y   a g a i n s t   y o u r s ;

l e t   t h e i r   c o m b i n e d   r h y t h m

~ s y n c o p a t e d    m e m o r i e s ~

d a n c e   i n   o u r

e m b r a c e .




Happy Anniversary, handsome.  Sam Heughan has nothing on you.


poem-reading at the Cracked Pot February 22, 2014

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At The Cracked Pot

three crack pots,

(story pouring

word winders)


Audience fights

coffee makers,

straining ears

to hear,

relaxes with smiles

at trials below amid the coal,

at parking problems,

at teen trouble.

The writers who read have only words

with which to weave a moment

to give a gift, to share

with those gracious ears

filling the chairs.



Allusion to The Cracked Pot Coffee Emporium in Vernon, which hosted writers Patricia Donahue, Howard Brown, and me this afternoon.  A packed house strained their ears, and it was a lovely time!


poem- you in a crowd October 3, 2013

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I see you

in the distance

across a roomful of heads,

tall and silent

watching them with a

pleasant blankness-

a smile that turns your mouth

but doesn’t light your eyes.

You stand above


listening without interest,

putting in the time

required for politeness.

My eyes call to you

and you turn,

one eyebrow raises a greeting

and your lips rise with it,

I see the flash of gladness,

as you incline your head

and step toward my love.


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