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poem- bloom May 3, 2016

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There is a certain futility

in buds blooming in a vase,

but undeniable beauty

bursting open without hope

of bearing fruit.


poem-bouquet March 3, 2016

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Bright blooms

suggest spring:

carefree days,


Bright blooms

celebrate spring:



Summer soon.


poem-because January 17, 2016

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I’m fond of flowers

bought because

today is worth celebrating;

they are lovely,

and you are captivating.

Unexpected joy does

blossom for hours.



poem-bring spring November 10, 2015

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First snow

falls outside,

but I focus on spring

blooming on my ottoman

stems set in Aalto’s iconic vase,

a miniature Finnish lake,

and knit.



2015-11-09 01.12.02

This is an Iittala vase designed by Alvar Aalto in 1936 and made at the Iittala glassworks factory in Karhula, Finland.  Once upon a time, I lived in Karhula. (I learned to knit there, actually).


poem-new March 1, 2015

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The birds return

set sights on sites and sing

in fervor with that mating thing

You take to the road

push pedals for a hundred k

while I wait for petals,

seek something to say

and all of these are just the way

we mark each new spring.

Me.  You.  New.




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