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poem-tracing August 26, 2015

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I trace the lean lines of hardened calves,

lingering within the valleys of those rocky quads,

loosening the tension with gentle pressure against

each muscle bulwark of firing fuel..

After another 100k you’re salty sweet and taut.

I push knuckles deep into the tight pockets

of your lower back and listen for your groan,

prepare you for another ride.




My husband is a long distance cyclist who rides about 500 km each week for fun. He is extraordinarily fit. 🙂  (If I had to ride 500 km a week, I’d call it torture, but that’s just me).


poem-new March 1, 2015

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The birds return

set sights on sites and sing

in fervor with that mating thing

You take to the road

push pedals for a hundred k

while I wait for petals,

seek something to say

and all of these are just the way

we mark each new spring.

Me.  You.  New.




POETS! You are cordially invited to contribute an original poem or link to Today’s exploration- POEMS OF PLACE.  Please feel free to comment instead, about your environment and how it contributes to your writing.


poem- love is August 23, 2014

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You are riding 140 km

on your bicycle this morning.

Upon your return

I have promised to have

fresh baked oatmeal raisin cookies

waiting for you.



How’s this for timing?  Hubby comes up the stairs, stumbling a bit after pedalling 142.5 km, just as I pulled the first cookie sheet out of the oven.  He was a happy man.


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