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poem-road June 23, 2019

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Win win you think

and she knows your thoughts,

that you don’t imagine

hers differ.

They do.

She wants you, coming and going.

Sit beside for both parts of the journey,

find moments of connection

have those conversations

that are skipped in the day to day.

Those too rare times when you’re together

with nothing to do but hear each other.

She wants words and laughter and plans.

You leave early.  A note on the counter:

meet you there.

She puts her foot on the gas pedal

and travels lonely,

as usual.


or lose?



poem- breaking March 9, 2018

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For Danielle, with love


Breaking heart

Taking future

Making mockery

I doubt the happy start,

wrapped in a painful ending,

rending all I believed,

feeling deceived

by the life we’d conceived.

Paths onward wending,

sending me,

setting me free.

Taking me,

creating me,

letting me


Breaking past,

Taking a stance,

Making me dance.






poem-ungated January 30, 2018

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This way is ungated.

No barrier.

Crawl along hedgerows

wade through wheat fields.

The cows don’t care to cross the cattle guard.

Continue along the way,

eventually, I’ll come to you.

This poem is ungated,




poem- pathways October 8, 2017

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This is our path

We walk step in step

We’re heading in the same direction

Around us, the seasons change,

friends leave us with only memories,

reminding us that these days are precious

our hands are clasped together,

trusting in our



poem-momentary June 14, 2017

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I’m walking away from this rain

The painful splashes digging out the flowerbeds

splattering on my head.

I’m walking away.

I’m walking toward the glow

The sun shining joy of divining

possibility.  Live ’til you’re dead

I know you know time folds

when old friends meet.

I’m walking toward the momentary

treat of seeing you.

Dreams in mind, I’m walking ahead.


poem-valediction September 16, 2016

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She wakes to the empty house

searching room by room for traces.

Has he gone?

But surely before such a journey

there would some formal leave taking?

A kiss?

A note?

He slipped away without a word,

and she is left bereft,

wondering why he finds it so easy to leave her,

wondering if she’s been devalued like  Greek currency

or Bre-X stock.

No gold to mine after all.

Every couple crafts their own normal.

What’s familiar is what’s all right,

except when it’s not.

Being alone

Being lonely

There will always be too many cracks for

that broken pot to hold water;

it’s fine for bread,

though you

can’t live on bread alone.

Traces of something else,

gold veins of nourishment

are drawn with gestures

too easily forgotten,

so driving away is as simple a turning the key,

not as complicated as farewell.




poem-journey May 1, 2016

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From my backyard swing

I see you on your journey

flying high above me.

What joy or sadness will you bring

in a public celebration

when you arrive at your destination?



View from the swing in my backyard.


poem-journey February 24, 2016

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There is anticipation

in the preparation

equal to arriving

at the destination.


poem-coming home August 19, 2015

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Leaving now

Drive safely

@ Olds

@ work

@ Golden

2:45 TO GO!

Sicamous! Count down to ravishing you!

21 mins………….




^ Real texts, those. It makes for an unconventional love poem.  🙂 The best part about being away is coming home to the one you love and leaping into his arms!  I’ve been leaping enthusiastically into those arms for more than half my life.  ((((sigh))))  


poem-tolls July 14, 2014

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He pays the toll

peck east

peck west

She’s the vehicle for

this journey

over-heavy for the road

burdened by billboards

Her engine rattles,



down the road.

The convoy carries on


a toll.


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