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poem-journey February 24, 2016

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There is anticipation

in the preparation

equal to arriving

at the destination.


poem-road trip July 31, 2015

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Oil checked

Tires checked

Rad fluid checked

Windshield washer fluid checked

Windows washed

Trunk packed

Tunes loaded

Seatbelts on






poem-crash September 12, 2014

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Toe catches

Body crashes

Chair slides

Glass rattles

Hands smack

Knees crunch

Pain punches




Ouch.  I’m going to feel this tomorrow!


poem- real life take 2 August 31, 2014

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Son returns

from Brazilian dreams

Misses his flights and is stranded in The Big City


Good thing today his sister moved into an apartment 10 mins from the airport, eh?


poem-expectations January 3, 2014

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“We’re not going to a show,”

he said. “They’re too expensive.”

“Oh,” she said, nodding sagely.  “Right.”

They’d travelled all that way

to a sleepless city of lights.

Shows every night.

Wild crazy sights.

She’d packed for a night out.

“I get it,” she said,

smirking to herself.

She waited for his

inevitable surprise,

as he took her for

long walks in daylight

until her beautifully shod  feet ached.

Then he napped.

She smiled at his

preparation for a late night

and she practiced her

astonished expression.

First night.

Second night.

Last night.

She gaped at him,

heading to an early bed.


There really is

no surprise.



poem- travel December 30, 2013

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The case is packed full

of memories and you are

preparing for the trip

back to routine.

All that remains

are the images in the

camera and in

your mind.


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