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poem- suspended December 15, 2016

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We are waiting.

The cloud reclines darkly above the lake.

The snow line drops lower.

The cold creeps and seethes.

Inside, bricks channel the chill.

Children vibrate, “It’s coming!  It’s coming!”

It’s so hard to sit still and concentrate.

Adults sniffle and cough, mutter, “Soon.  Soon.”

They dream of freedom, warmth, of sleeping in.

Christmas holidays can’t come

quickly enough.


poem-breath time June 25, 2016

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Time for breath

at last.

Breathe in freedom

from responsibilities,

to anyone but myself.

Inhale inspiration

Exhale exhaustion

Breathe free.


poem-journey February 24, 2016

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There is anticipation

in the preparation

equal to arriving

at the destination.


poem- home March 28, 2014

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Home from the boarding kennel

Dogs drape themselves

on the carpets,

snoozing noisily.

Canine vacation was exhausting, too.


poem-expectations January 3, 2014

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“We’re not going to a show,”

he said. “They’re too expensive.”

“Oh,” she said, nodding sagely.  “Right.”

They’d travelled all that way

to a sleepless city of lights.

Shows every night.

Wild crazy sights.

She’d packed for a night out.

“I get it,” she said,

smirking to herself.

She waited for his

inevitable surprise,

as he took her for

long walks in daylight

until her beautifully shod  feet ached.

Then he napped.

She smiled at his

preparation for a late night

and she practiced her

astonished expression.

First night.

Second night.

Last night.

She gaped at him,

heading to an early bed.


There really is

no surprise.



poem- travel December 30, 2013

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The case is packed full

of memories and you are

preparing for the trip

back to routine.

All that remains

are the images in the

camera and in

your mind.


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