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poem-serendipity March 12, 2016

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Old friend synchronicity

Visiting one,

Another arrives out of the blue.

After forty years,

there are sympathetic vibrations

that draw us together:

joyful serendipity.



poem-rescue? September 3, 2014

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From over the hill

ten inch trout

between his bill

a gull flies toward the lake.


Unlikely rescue mission.





poem- real life take 2 August 31, 2014

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Son returns

from Brazilian dreams

Misses his flights and is stranded in The Big City


Good thing today his sister moved into an apartment 10 mins from the airport, eh?


poem- time travelling July 6, 2014

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For my eighteenth birthday

He wrote me a song.

Flutes and strings danced

in my honour,

a musical farewell,

recorded on cassette.

I filled the rest of the tape

with a treasury of captured moments:

His playing, my laughter,

melancholy dreams.

All synthesized on

The Lost Tape.


Years of wondering where it went.


Today.  My birthday

I picked up an empty cassette case,

and it was not empty.

The case showed my face,

listed harp tunes by me, but inside

not me:

Ancient history.

A birthday present

from eighteen year old me

to middle-aged me,

magnetic taped


for time-travelling.



I feel inclined to add a photo, which I probably will remove later, so enjoy it while it’s here.  The composer of the song, compiler of the cassette, my grad escort.  Me at 18.  (I had just been swimming, excuse the hair). 😉



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