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poem-serendipity March 12, 2016

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Old friend synchronicity

Visiting one,

Another arrives out of the blue.

After forty years,

there are sympathetic vibrations

that draw us together:

joyful serendipity.



8 Responses to “poem-serendipity”

  1. mark Says:

    Synchronicity and sympathetic resonance all in the same poem – I wholeheartedly approve. Excellent stuff.

    You and your friend are obviously on the same wavelength.

    Did you turn the like button off? I never knew such a thing was possible apart from in my dreams. I’m off to find out how to perform such magic.

    Thanks for sharing your poem.


  2. vjknutson Says:

    I think it’s the pull of the moon tides, lol – same thing happened to me a few weeks ago.

  3. Amazing, how serendipity and synchronicity make our lives magical.

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